All You Need to Know About Swim Dresses

Swim dresses are a great alternative to the classic one piece. They provide more coverage for the mid section and lower body, as well as offering a feminine, retro style for wearing on and off the beach. 

If you've been considering a swimdress as your next swimsuit, let us answer your queries with our top 10 swim dress FAQs. Find out more about fit, care, style, and coverage with our comprehensive guide. Click through to the topics you're interested in to find out more. 

Woman poses by the pool wearing a plain black chlorine resistant wide strap swim dress

1. Are swim dresses suitable for all body types?

Yes. You can find a stylish swim dress to suit your unique shape. Our swimdresses feature design elements to fit, support, and flatter different shapes and sizes. 

For example, details around the neckline or across the bust will add interest and volume to a smaller bust. A-line dresses skim over the hips and booty, balancing a larger bottom half and underwire support is great for a larger bust.

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2. Can swim dresses provide enough support for larger busts?

Absolutely. At Capriosca Swimwear, we design our swim dresses to fit and support larger bust sizes. Choose from either an underwire support for a DD/E cup fitting or go for a built in shelf bra for a multi fit option that fits up to a G cup.

The addition of adjustable straps helps you customise your ideal support and fit.

3. How do I choose the right size for a swim dress?

Shop for your swim dress the same as you would a one piece. The built in one piece will fit close to the body offering support and shaping for your curves. The dress skims over the body, offering coverage and that unique swimdress look.

Choosing your swimwear size is easy. Follow your bra and underwire size to find your perfect fit. For example, if you wear a 16F bra and 18 pant, go for a size 18. If your top and bottom vary more than one size, choose a swim dress that does not have a built in one piece.

We have a new style launching in July that you can wear with your favourite swim bottoms. Look out for the Pink Petals chlorine resistant swimdress. This stunning piece is similar to a long line tankini that you can wear with any style of pant. 

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Woman with short blonde hair wears black, green, and pink floral swim dress.

4. Should a swim dress fit snugly or have a looser fit?

While the fit of your swimsuit is a personal preference, we do recommend choosing a size that allows the one piece to fit snugly against the body. A swim dress will loosen up when wet and the fabric will only relax over time, never shrink.

A snug fitting swimdress will prevent your dress from floating up or moving around when you're having fun in the water. The built in one piece will hug the body and not move around. This will help to keep the dress overlay in place.


5. Can I adjust the fit of a swim dress?

Adjustable straps allow you to customise the fit of your swimdress. You can alter the length of your swim dress by adjusting the straps as well as achieving your desired bust support.

Our swim dresses can also be used post mastectomy. Each dress includes a pocket for prosthetics, so you can adjust the fit around the bust. 

6. Does a swim dress provide tummy control?

Absolutely. The built in one piece hugs the body, supporting the tummy and shaping your curves. Ensure you're choosing the right size so that the one piece fits firmly enough to offer tummy control and support. 

A swim dress is ideal for providing coverage for the tummy. While the one piece shapes the body, the dress overlay skims over the tummy, disguising the shape of the mid section. 

Woman with long blonde hair wears navy and white polkadot underwire swim dress. Woman with long brown hair wears navy and white dots wide strap swim dress.

7. Can I wear a swim dress in the pool?

If you are spending time in public pools and heated spas, we strongly recommend choosing a swim dress made from chlorine resistant fabric. Public swimming pools, including cruise ships and resorts, contain a large amount of chlorine which can damage regular swim fabric.

Fortunately, we have created a range of gorgeous swimdresses made from 100% polyester. These chlorine resistant swimsuits can withstand the damaging effects of pool chemicals and heat.

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8. Will a swim dress float up in the water?

If you get a swim dress to fit you snugly, the dress overlay shouldn’t float up in the water. Depending on the conditions, however, you may experience some lift, but generally the dress will cling to the one piece and stay in place.

9. How do I care for my swim dress?

Swimwear is delicate and needs to be treated with care. We have clear care instructions on the garment swing tag as well as on our website. You’ll find a list of care instructions in the description of each product on our online store.

Whether your swim dress is made from a Lycra blend or chlorine resistant fabric, you need to take special care to prolong the life of your swimsuit.

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10. Can I wear a swim dress for sun protection?

A swim dress will offer coverage for your body and upper legs. If you want more sun protection for your back, shoulders, and arms, simply add a matching rash vest. Not only will a rashie offer excellent sun protection, but it looks really cute worn over a swimdress.

Woman with long blonde hair poses by the pool wearing chlorine resistant black and turquoise floral panelled swim dress.  


May 10, 2023