Chlorine Resistant Swim Dress

Do you love spending time in pools and spas? Investing in chlorine resistant swimwear is essential if you want to prolong the life of your swimsuit. Here at Capriosca Swimwear we offer a fabulous range of pool proof swimsuits including chlorine resistant swim dresses. 

 A chlorine resistant swim dress offers coverage for the bottom, hips, and upper thighs with a built in one piece. All bust sizes will feel supported by the shelf bra in our wide strap swim dress with adjustable straps to customise your perfect fit. The built in one piece smooths and supports your curves while the dress skims over the bust, belly, and hips. 

The 100% polyester fabric is perfect for swimming in public pools, heated spas, and on cruise ships. These swimming venues have a high chlorine content that can destroy regular swimsuit fabric. Feel confident wearing your chlorine resistant swim dress in the pool, knowing that it will withstand the harsh chemicals and heat.