Chlorine Resistant Swimwear Australia

Australian women can’t seem to get enough of the water, even when the temperature drops. Swimming is such a fabulous way to keep fit and have fun, it’s no wonder we don’t mind getting wet in winter. While a few still brave the ocean, most cold weather swimming is done in heated pools.

Chlorinated and heated pools and spas are wonderful places to exercise and relax in winter, but the chemicals and hot water can cause irreparable damage to your swimwear. Choosing chlorine resistant swimwear is the only way to ensure your bathers maintain their colour, elasticity, and shape, when enjoying these spaces.

What is Chlorine Resistant Swimwear?

Pool chemicals and heat attack the elastic fibres in regular swim fabric, causing it to become baggy, faded, and misshapen. Chlorine resistant swimwear is made from 100% polyester fabric, free from elastic fibres. This durable fabric can withstand the damaging effects of chlorine and heat, making it ideal for public swimming spaces, including spas, cruise ship and resort pools.

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Through our years of experience we have be shown time and time again how important it is to invest in chlorine resistant swimwear when using public pools and heated spas. With this knowledge at our disposal, we have created a range of pool proof swimwear that offers something for everyone. Feel confident that your swimwear will last the distance with a chlorine resistant swimsuit from Capriosca Swimwear.

Woman reclines by the pool wearing a powder blue one piece swimsuit with white polkadots

Dive into winter with a stylish chlorine resistant swimsuit, perfect for wearing to the pool

The Benefits of Chlorine Resistant Fabric 

Long Lasting Wear

A swimsuit that offers 100% resistance to chlorine can last up to six times longer than regular swimwear. This can make a big difference, especially if you are frequenting chlorinated or heated pools and spas. Investing in chlorine resistant swimwear will save you time and money and ensure that you can enjoy wearing your swimsuit longer.

You can wear 100% polyester swimwear outside the pool. This durable fabric is also ideal for wearing in the ocean and other fresh water spaces. If you regularly take dips in the ocean, choosing chlorine safe fabric will ensure your swimsuit lasts longer.

Better Shape

100% polyester swimwear will maintain its shape when worn in chlorinated pools and heated spas. The lack of elastic fibres prevents the fabric from being destroyed by chlorine, maintaining the shape and integrity of the swimsuit. Your chlorine resistant swimsuit will keep its beautiful shape and feel fabulous to wear while you enjoy swimming and relaxing in heated pools over the winter months.

A swimsuit that retains its shape also offers better support for your curves. Not only will a pool safe swimsuit look better on but it will also feel more secure and supportive. Your swimsuit will stay in place when you are swimming or playing in the water. You'll spend more time enjoying yourself adn less time fidgeting and fussing.

Retains Colour

Colour fastness is another great benefit of chlorine resistant swimwear. Chlorine and heat can fade or strip regular swimsuit fabric of its vibrancy and colour. 100% polyester fabric can withstand these damaging effects and maintain its gorgeous colour for longer.

The Capriosca Swimwear chlorine resistant swimwear collection includes classic black swimsuits, polkadots and florals, all in vibrant colour palettes that will stay that way. We work hard to bring you colours and prints that we know you'll love. Investing in pool friendly fabrics will ensure you get to enjoy the look of your beautiful swimsuit for longer.


100% polyester chlorine resistant fabric is a slightly thicker material than regular swimwear. Because the fabric does not stretch in the same way, it provides more coverage for the skin, resulting in a warmer feel. Choosing long sleeve styles such as one pieces, rash vests, and longer length pants will offer even more warmth for cool days at the pool. 

Chlorine safe fabric isn't as thick or thermal as wetsuit material, but it does offer better insulation than regular stretch fabrics. Considering most pools are heated during winter, you will feel cozy enough in our 100% polyester swimwear.

woman with red hair wears black long sleeve zip up one piece and black v neck one piece swimsuit

The benefits of chlorine resistant fabric include long lasting wear, colour fastness, warmth, and shape

When and Where to Wear Chlorine Resistant Swimwear

Chlorine resistant swimwear can be worn anywhere you like to swim, even in fresh and salt water. While you can wear any swimwear to the beach, we strongly recommend only wearing chlorine resistant swimwear in public pools and spas.

Invest in chlorine resistant swimwear if you are -

  • Swimming or participating in aqua aerobics at your local pool
  • Going on a cruise ship or using the pool at a holiday resort
  • Spending the day at a water park
  • Relaxing in heated spas and thermal pools
  • Having hydrotherapy treatments

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Woman stands by the pool wearing powder blue and white polkadot short sleeve rashie and one piece swimsuit. Woman exists the pool wearing powder blue frill sleeve zip front one piece

We strongly recommend investing in chlorine resistant swimwear for swimming and aqua aerobics

How to Care for Chlorine Resistant Swimwear

While 100% polyester is durable and resistant to chlorine, it is still important to take care of your swimwear if you want it to last. We recommend following the same care instructions for your chlorine resistant pieces as you do for your regular swimsuits.

Read our guide on how to wash your swimsuit for more details, or simply check the care instructions on each swimsuit on our website. The garment swing tag also has a comprehensive guide to keeping your swimsuit properly cared for.

Ideally, you will only hand wash your swimwear, avoiding washing machines and dry cleaning. Drying your pieces in the shade is preferred, with heat drying a definite no-no. Avoid exposure to irons, bleach, strong detergents, and heat. While your swimsuit can tolerate pool chemicals and heated pools, we strongly advise taking special care to keep it looking its best.

Woman poses by the pool wearing black tankini top with longer length swim pants.

Take care of your chlorine resistant swimwear and you'll enjoy wearing it for longer

Now that you know the benefits of choosing chlorine resistant swimwear for your winter swims, enjoy browsing our collection of pool friendly swimsuits to find your next favourite. From stylish one pieces to handy swim separates, Capriosca Swimwear has everything you need to hit the water with style and confidence this winter.  


May 25, 2023