Find Your Perfect Swimsuit Fit

Consider yourself Goldilocks when it comes to swimwear. Not too loose, not too tight, your swimsuit needs to be just right. While this might seem like a challenge, good fitting swimwear often comes down to style and not size.

Knowing your body shape and what styles work for you will ensure you find the perfect fitting swimsuit. Prioritising comfort and support will ensure you get a swimsuit that fits well and looks fantastic. 

Choosing the right style means you can easily shop by your usual size to achieve the perfect fit. This results in a more successful and satisfying swimsuit shopping experience. 

Three women pose by the beach wearing different styles of one piece swimsuits

Knowing your shape and the styles that suit you best will make swimsuit shopping a more positive experience

Q. How Should a Swimsuit Fit?

A. No matter the style, a swimsuit should fit comfortably and close against the body. Swimsuits will loosen up when wet and stretch over time, so make sure they are not loose from the first wear.

You also don’t want them digging in. If your swimwear is cutting in around the leg line, straps, or under the arms, consider a larger size or a different style.

Your bust should be cradled in the swimsuit and feel supported. If your bust is spilling out, or the top is gaping, you need a different style or size. Underwire should fit perfectly without digging into the breasts or finishing under the arms.

Woman with blonde hair poses on the beach wearing a frill one piece swimsuit. It has a black base with pink and orange floral print.

Your swimwear should feel comfortable and supportive without gaping or digging in 

Q. How Do I Know My Size?

A. Choosing your swimsuit size is easy. There's no need to measure yourself, just know your bra and underwear size. Knowing your correct bra size will ensure you choose a swimsuit style and size that will fit your body and support your bust. 

Fitting your bottom half is easy, simply follow your underwear size. Be aware of the shape of your hips, bottom, and waist to ensure you choose the right swimsuit style for your body.

For example, a high waisted pant is fabulous for tummy control and accentuating your waistline, while a low rise, side tie pant is fabulous if your hips are narrow or wide as you can adjust the pant to fit you perfectly. 

Woman with brown hair poses in the water wearing black strapless one piece swimsuit. Woman with blonde hair poses at the beach wearing a pink floral strapless bikini top and high waist pants

Follow your underwear size to find your perfect swimsuit fit 

Q. Should I Size Up or Down for Swimsuits?

A. Ideally, you should choose your exact size. If you are in between sizes, we generally recommend going up, particularly if you have a large bust or a long torso. If you feel like you can’t choose your exact size in a swimsuit, you may be selecting the wrong style.

Woman with blonde hair reclines by the pool wearing a tropica print v neck swimsuit

If you choose a style that is right for your shape, you should be able to shop your usual size

Q. Do Swimsuits loosen up over time?

A. Yes, they do. A swimsuit will always loosen up and never shrink. Therefore, your swimsuit shouldn’t be too loose from the start. Having said that, a good quality swimsuit that is cared for properly will maintain its elasticity and shape for quite some time. 100% polyester chlorine resistant fabric is particularly resilient to stretch, so try to get the best fit from the beginning.

Woman with blonde hair wears black short sleeve one piece swimsuit. Woman with short brown hair wears black short sleeve crop top and high waisted pantsand

Swimwear never shrinks but it can loosen over time, so be sure to choose a style that fits firm but comfortable

Q. How do I fit my bust properly in a Swimsuit?

A. Know your bra size! If it’s been more than a year since your last proper bra fitting, get on top of that before you shop for supportive swimwear. Knowing your cup and back size will make shopping for swimwear so much easier.

You also need to know your breasts. Size doesn’t necessarily dictate whether you need extra support. You could have a smaller cup size that needs underwire support or a full bust that is fine with a shelf bra. Knowing your individual needs will help you to choose the right style and size for you.

Product descriptions will let you know what cup sizes each style is suitable for. Underwire styles will be sized for specific cups, while a shelf bra offers a multifit option for many cup sizes.

Shop for your swimsuit using your bra size and look for features that work for your unique needs. You might need adjustable straps for lift or length, back closures with various sizing options, removable padding or extra supportive underwire.

Don’t settle for a style that doesn’t adequately support your bust with comfort. You won’t want to wear it and you will just waste your time and money. 

Blonde woman poses on the beach wearing strapless pink one piece, Brunette woman poses on the beach wearing a black bikini with a black mesh wrap skirt

Follow your bra fitting to find a supportive swimsuit that fits your bust perfectly

Q. What Swimwear do I choose if I have a small top and large bottom?

A. If your top and bottom varies more than 2 sizes, swimwear separates will be ideal for you. If you had your heart set on a one piece, a tankini top and matching pant offers the same look with the benefit of fitting your top and bottom individually.

Woman with blonde hair poses on the beach wearing strapless pink tankini top and matching pants

Swimwear separates are ideal if your top and bottom are different sizes

Q. I am tall. Should I size up in swimwear?

A. Possibly. Here at Capriosca swimwear, we have several designs that are perfect for tall bodies and long torsos. You can shop your regular size in these styles knowing they will fit you vertically and feel comfortable. If you have your heart set on a different style, sizing up is advisable.

Woman with short brown hair wears black underwire one piece swimsuit. Woman with brown hair wears black short sleeve one piece swimsuit

Discover the best styles for tall bodies and long torsos from our specialty swim collection

Shop for speciality swimwear

Long torsos are just one of the specific fit needs we try to accommodate here at Capriosca Swimwear. Other requests include Tummy Control, Big Bust, Maternity, Mastectomy, and Long Torso

September 08, 2023