Swim Dresses are for Everyone

Why wear a swim dress this summer? Swim dresses are an excellent swimsuit choice, offering coverage, tummy control and feminine styling. Whether you love a more modest swimsuit option or you're a fan of feminine retro style, you should consider trying a swim dress. 

Swim dresses are for everyone. With an inclusive size range, you can find a plus size swim dress to fit and flatter your gorgeous curves. 

Women posing in swim dresses at the beach

Shop for the perfect swim dress to wear this summer

Find A Swim Dress Style to Suit You 

Picking a swim dress is just like shopping for a regular dress. You can select a style that compliments your figure giving you curves in all of the right places! Consider what you want to accentuate and what you'd prefer to conceal. With this and your body shape in mind, you can find the perfect swimdress for you. 

We've broken down the most common body shapes and chosen the swimming dress style that will work best for you.

Pear Shape (prominent hips/butt/thighs)

If you want to draw attention away from your curvy bottom, opt for a swimsuit with minimal details around the bottom but with interest on top. You’ll also benefit from rounder necklines and strapless bathing suits. Try our frill neckline swim dress or underwire swim dress. These styles draw the eye upward, focusing on the top half rather than the hips and bottom. 


Brunette model poses on the beach wearing Positano Black floral underwire swim dress.

Pear shapes love the added bust detail on our underwire swim dress

Inverted Triangle Shape (prominent shoulders)

You’ll look best in wide straps – because thin straps will only make your wide shoulder look bigger in comparison. Your figure will also benefit from swim dresses with interest around the hips such as ruffles, skirts or a print. The wide strap swim dress in a pattern is an ideal swimming dress for women with this body shape. 


Woman with short blonde hair wears black floral frill swim dress

Soften strong shoulders with pretty ruffles and balance proportions with an all over print 

Apple Shape (prominent chest and mid-riff)

Opt for panels with a contrasting print through the centre. Creating length is ideal for your shape. Vertical panels will offer an optical illusion making your mid section appear elongated and more defined. Our wide strap swim dress in printed styles is an excellent choice for you. The built in one piece will support your tummy and provide shaping for your waistline. 


Brunette model poses on the beach wearing Molokai tropical wide strap swim dress

Panelled swim dresses elongate the body and create a waist

Hourglass Shape (slim waist, proportional upper and lower body)

An hourglass body shape has balanced proportions with a defined waist. You have the option to accentuate your shape or draw attention to different parts of your body. The underwire swim dress will look beautiful on you, showing off your shoulders and narrow waistline. 


Shopping for a Swim Dress

Shopping for a fabulous swim dress, designed in Australia, is easy. Here at Capriosca Swimwear we make it a breeze for you to buy a plus size swim dress in Australia and internationally. Our style selection, payment options, and express shipping will ensure you have a stylish swim dress to wear this summer. 

Find out more about our fabulous swim dresses by reading our informative blog. 


April 22, 2022