If you are looking to stock Capriosca Swimwear in your store, the following answers may help with your application to be a women's swimwear wholesale customer.

Once you are ready to speak with us about making an order, please fill in the form and we will be in contact with you to process your wholesale application.

What is swimwear wholesale?

Wholesaling is the business of creating products to be sold at larger quantities to stores to then sell to their customer base. We offer swimwear wholesale customers a chance to sell our swimsuits at their stores.

Are there purchase limits for wholesale women's swimwear?

There are minimum order quantities and this differs between products and prints. These can be discussed once your application has been submitted.

Do i have to have a bricks and mortar store?

You do not necessarily need a physical store to become a Capriosca Swimwear Wholesale customer however we do ask that if you want to sell exclusively online that you have been in the ecommerce industry for some time and that you have a well established consumer base. We do ask though that you are active in social media in at least one popular social channel such as Facebook or Instagram.

What other products do you design?

Capriosca Swimwear creates swimwear in a wide range of styles, prints and colours. We also create a beautiful selection of sarongs, beachwear dresses and kaftans.

Do you provide marketing materials?

Yes we do. We have a catalogue of images that have been photographed purposely for you to use on both your website, printed marketing materials and more.

Do i need to have social media to be a swimwear wholesale customer?

As mentioned above, it is advisable that you are active on at least one of the most popular social channels.

Are there style guidelines all women's swimwear wholesale customers need to maintain?

Yes there is. We ask that if you take your own images that the products are not creased and that you tag us into the shots on social or mention us on your website. If you ever have any questions, please contact us and we will talk you through it.

How do i become a swimwear wholesale customer?

Becoming a Wholesale customer is a fast process. Send us your details via the contact form including your address, ABN, trading names, website, social media accounts and phone number. Also send through any marketing packs you may already have and data on who your current customer is and we will get in touch.

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