October 26, 2017 2 min read

Halloween is approaching fast and for all those parents wondering what to do for the trick or treat dress up, we have a few easy DIY costume ideas that are going to be great for Halloween. We know the time and resources can be hard when it comes to finding the right costume for your kids so we’ve narrowed down a few costumes that should be as simple as possible. 

Ghost: What you will need is a piece of fabric or a sheet and a felt marker. The fabric will essentially act as a poncho for your child and then with the felt marker; draw on some eyes and a zigzag mouth for the ghost’s face! 

Harry Potter: What you will need is some black frame glasses, a marker and a white shirt and brown shorts. This costume is easy as once you have the glasses and the ‘Z’ on the forehead, it will be clear what you are trying to be, Harry Potter!

Cow: This costume is rather easy yet still humorous. Dress up in all white or with a white Onesie and simple glue on small black circles of felt or simply use black stickers. To top off this ensemble, add a black beanie and draw on a little black nose. 

Scuba Diver: Your little adventures will be ready to dive into their treats with this costume. Simply get two 1L bottles (empty) and sticky tape them together to make the oxygen tanks. Attach string to go over their shoulders and then top off the outfit with a snorkeling mask and goggles!

Tinker Bell: Use a green dress and some white fairy wings and you’ve got the perfect Tinker Bell outfit for your little girl!

Carl from the movie ‘Up’: Dress your little one with a few colourful balloons attached to their back and top it off with some glasses and a walking stick.

If you want to get ahead of the Halloween madness and don’t think that you will have any materials to make an outfit, head over to ebay where there is also an abundance of Halloween ideas and outfits for your little ones!

DIY Kids Halloween Costumes

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