May 24, 2019 4 min read

Ladies Swimwear Essentials for Cruise Holidays

It is cruise season which means the sales are on and the islands are ready! With such a fun and relaxing way to travel, you can’t go wrong with a cruise around the islands or down historical rivers. We want to help you get cruise ready and ensure that you have the right ladies swimwear items to ensure the perfect trip.


Around Australia there are very popular cruise holidays that you must go and try! Going almost every week, you can find a cruise to any of the amazing surrounding islands. There are several things that you will need when going on your next cruise. If you have never been on a cruise before then make sure you use this checklist to get holiday ready!

Cover ups

It is essential to have some nice cover ups when you are going on your next cruise. When you are walking around the boat it can be confronting being around so many people you don’t know. With The boats being so big there are a lot of places to walk and see. Make sure that you take a nice cover up for walking around the boat and for going to and from the pool.


There are a lot of reasons to have a cover up so lets list a few for future reference. You might want one to walk to and from your room when it is hot and humid outside. You can wear a cover up to and from the pool so you don’t feel uncomfortable or overexposed. You can easily wear your cover up from breakfast to the pool or when walking around the boat. What’s more, wear a beautiful cover up for sunset cocktails on the deck and enjoy your holiday in style!



Thongs! Walking around the boat you will need some easy and light shoes. Light as they will essentially go with you everywhere and easy as you will likely be getting on and off beaches, water and walking to and from the pool with wet feet. As the deck or beaches can get quite hot it will be nice to wear some quick and easy shoes as you get around the boat.


As thongs are easy to wear with any casual outfit you will be set on your next holiday as you get around foreign towns and sandy beaches.Make sure that you take a pair that will also match a cute dress so you can also pair it with a sunset drinks outfit or even dinner! Some ladies prefer taking shoes such as sandals as they are easy to style and pair with outfits.


Our Birkenstock sandals are perfect to slide on and are available in white and black.  They are super light and made from Eva which makes them waterproof and washable.


For the evenings be sure to take some heels and dressy shoes so you can feel and look great. Enjoy your holiday to the max by ensuring you have outfits that will make you look and feel pretty!



Chlorine Resistant swimwear will be an essential if you are planning on using the pools and spas. As these cruises are made to cater for a lot of people the levels of chlorine can be quite high and you will need to protect your swimwear.


The best swimsuits you can possibly take if you plan on swimming will be chlorine resistant swimwear. With our ladies swimwear range having both full price, sale swimsuits and a range of prints and colours to choose from, it is easy to shop for chlorine resistant swimwear online!



Sunset drinks will require sunglasses. Pair your sunglasses with your swimsuit and rock your outfit! With nothing to block your view on your cruise, the sun will be shining and putting on a show each and every day. A pair of sunglasses will help you see your next destinations and watch the horizon as you relax and watch the sun rise and set.


Beach bag

Walking to and from the pool you will want to carry around your swimwear essentials in a beach bag! Something that is light and easy, you can easily fit a towel, your sunglasses, shoes and a book to ensure maximum comfort and relaxation.


Fill your beach back with your ladies swimwear essentials as you enjoy your cruise and holiday in style. Sunscreen, your phone, a book and even a sarong. You will be glad you bought a each bag as you walk around the boat and enjoy all of the facilities.



Stay Protected on your cruise and keep your skin covered. With nothing to hide the sun other than the boat, you will be enjoying the heat and exposed to the UV rays. Make sure that you wash out the sunscreen in your swimsuit to ensure that it says nice and clean. If sunscreen gets into your swimsuit and sits, you may find that it will damage the swimsuit.


Feel and look great as you walk to and from the pool or bar as you wear your ladies swimsuit with a coloured sarong. Feel free to mix and match your swimsuit to create a full outfit with your cotton sarong.


A sarong come also be multi functional and double as a towel. Our cotton sarongs dry fast and work for every summer occasion. Lay your cotton sarong on your day chair and use it as a thin towel as you lay down and ready your book. Easy to roll up and add to your beach bag, these sarongs are lightweight and perfect for your next cruise.


Available in navy, black, white, coral, aqua, navy, plum and red you have so many options when it comes to styling your swimwear this cruise season.



You will need an outfit for each day, let’s say for dinner and one for the day! Use this crusie essential checklist to ensure that you are going to look and feel great.Make sure that you do ll that you can to enjoy everywhere you go.


Luckily for you Capriosca Swimwear is your one stop shop for all things swimwear and holidays. With shoes, t-shirts, swimwear galore, kaftans, sarongs and hats, we have everything you will need to make the most of your next cruise. Head online today and check out our cruise essentials!


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