Post-Surgery Swimwear 

At Capriosca Swimwear we endeavour to provide stylish swimsuits for all sizes and body shapes. We understand that women’s bodies can change shape, and this is especially true after surgery.

Experiencing breast cancer and enduring the resulting treatment and surgeries is difficult enough. 

Adding the often arduous task of finding a swimsuit that works for your unique body shape can be utterly defeating. We are constantly working to design swimsuits that suit all body shapes, including post mastectomy silhouettes, so that you have an enjoyable and successful shopping experience.

Did you know that you can shop from regular swimwear collections and not just specific mastectomy swimsuits? You just need to know what features to look for and which styles will work best for your specific needs.

The swimsuits featured in our mastectomy collection are available to everyone, they just happen to include design elements that work specifically for post mastectomy bodies.

This means your swimwear choices are extended with different styles, prints, and colours available to you.

Read on to find out what to look for when shopping for a post mastectomy swimsuit.

Mastectomy pouches for prosthetics

A mastectomy pouch is a sewn in pocket for holding your prosthetics in place. Many of our swimsuits include this feature, especially our underwire swimwear collection.

These swimsuits often include a removable breast pad that can be replaced with your own insert and held in place with the structured underwire support.

With cup fittings extending to a G cup, you can choose from bikinis, tankini tops, one pieces and swim dresses that will accommodate natural breasts and prosthetics in a wide range of sizes.

Our underwire ruched tankini tops and one pieces are an ideal choice for those needing wear a prosthesis. With roomy pouches to fit your insert and underwire bust support in your specific size, you’ll feel safe and secure in your new swimsuit, ready to brave the beach with confidence and style. Choose a beautifully designed wide strap style in a gorgeous print for extra support and a comfortable fit. 

Our Corsica Underwire One Piece features mastectomy pouches

Our Corsica Underwire One Piece features mastectomy pouches for prosthetics

Adjustable Straps

The addition of adjustable straps helps you to customise your fit so you can feel comfortable and secure in your swimsuit.

We understand that not every woman has the same body length, and sometimes being able to alter the length, even by a centimetre, can make a significant difference to how a swimsuit looks and feels.

Our mastectomy friendly swimsuits feature adjustable straps to help you achieve the perfect fit and keep your prosthesis securely in place. In the same way adjustable straps are essential on a bra, so too are they on a swimsuit.

Whether you’ve had surgery or not, you’ll appreciate the extra details, like adjustable straps, that we’ve included in our Capriosca Swimwear styles.

Corsica Underwire One Piece

Corsica Underwire One Piece features adjustable straps for extra support


Swimsuits with Coverage

Surgeries can leave you feeling self-conscious about scars and an altered shape. This is one of the main reasons women are hesitant to get back into a swimsuit after any kind of surgery.

If you prefer more coverage than our strappy swimsuits can provide, then you’ll love our high neck and sleeved styles.

Featuring a front zip closure, you can choose your preferred level of coverage.

You can easily insert your prosthetic into the mastectomy pouch and zip your swimsuit all the way up to feel covered up and secure.

The armholes sit higher under the arms if you need even more coverage and enjoy the feeling of being completely supported by your swimsuit.

You can choose from sleeveless or long sleeved styles depending on your preference.

New colours and prints are being released each season in these best-selling post mastectomy styles.

black underwire mastectomy swimsuit

Acapulco Underwire One Piece


Swimsuits for post-surgery exercise

Hydrotherapy, aqua aerobics, deep water running and swimming are all popular forms of exercise after surgery and treatment for illness. They are effective for improving cardiovascular health, building muscle strength and releasing endorphins for positive mental health outcomes.

Getting in the pool can only lead to better days ahead, but you need to choose the right swimsuit to withstand the effects of chlorine and heated water.

Our chlorine resistant swimwear collection includes many styles that work with prosthetics and support your body post-surgery. Just like our core range, you can find underwire styles, high neck and sleeved swimsuits made from chlorine resistant fabric that is ideal for wearing in the pool.

Choose from stylish, classic black pieces or have a little more fun in gorgeous prints and pops of colour.

For extra coverage and a feminine look, you might like to try a swim dress. These mastectomy swimsuits feature an in-built one piece to keep you feeling secure with the dress layered over the top to provide stylish coverage for the bust, belly, hips and thighs.

Throw on a rash vest for when you need upper body coverage and enjoy the feeling of being back in the water and staying active. 

Luxe Sport Chlorine Resistant Crossover One Piece

Luxe Sport Chlorine Resistant Crossover One Piece is perfect for the pool

August 11, 2021