Swimwear with Bust Support

At Capriosca Swimwear, our most requested swimwear feature would have to be effective bust support. No matter what cup size you are, swimwear that fits you well and makes you feel comfortable and secure, can improve your confidence at the beach or by the pool.

We provide a range of support options to offer you the perfect fit for your bust size and shape.

If you’ve struggled to find a swimsuit that fits you well with effective bust support, we encourage you to take another look at our womens swimwear collection.

Read on to find out which features you should be looking for when choosing a supportive swimsuit that works for you.

Woman with long red hair reclines by the pool wearing navy and white polkadot strapless one piece swimsuit


Let’s start with ultimate in bust support design. Underwire offers both lift and support for specific cup sizes. The supportive wires fit snuggly under each breast creating separation and lift for the bust.

Combined with adjustable straps, our underwire swimsuits offer you a similar fit to a bra, with the option to choose your individual back and cup fitting. 

Our underwire swimwear collection includes bikinis, tankini tops, one pieces, and swim dresses. All of these styles feature adjustable straps to personalise your unique fit requirements.


Underwire bikinis and underwire tankini tops offer the best support as the straps can be tightened without resistance.

Our underwire tankini and one piece styles are offered with two different cup fittings – DD/E and F/G – and are perfect for lifting and supporting the bust.

For an even more accurate fit, our underwire bikini tops are available in similar fittings to a bra. Choose your back fitting from size 10 to 22 and cups from a D to a G cup.

These bikini tops can be worn as swim bras underneath tankini tops, one pieces and rash vests for extra support. They work particularly well under our popular zip up one pieces to give extra lift and comfort for fuller busts.


Leopard Underwire Bikini Top and High Waisted Pant

Leopard Underwire Bikini Top available in D to G cup fittings


Shelf Bra

A shelf bra is a thick elastic band that wraps around the body under the bust. It provides comfortable bust support for all cup sizes and is considered a multi fit option for this reason.

Many of our popular swimsuit styles feature a shelf bra which offers adequate support for most women. 

Shelf bra swimsuits can accommodate very large bust sizes. Styles such as our 3 tier and bandeau swimsuits are very popular with cup sizes even larger than a G cup.


Once again, the addition of adjustable straps help to provide extra support with a customised fit. The straps can be shortened or lengthened depending on the level of support required and the length of the body.

Look for shelf bra support in best selling bikini tops, tankinis, swim dresses and one pieces. You’ll love the way you feel with the undetectable shelf bra gently supporting you with a little lift. You’ll barely notice the comfortable, soft elastic holding you up.


Blonde model laying next to pool wearing teal swimsuit

Metallic Deep Teal Tie One Shoulder One Piece includes a shelf bra for multi-fit support

Adjustable Straps

Adjustable straps are an essential design feature when it comes to offering supportive swimwear. The wide, adjustable straps allow you to lift the bust and alter the length of your swimsuit.

This is most helpful with one piece swimsuits that can often be too long or too short without this feature. Even allowing yourself an extra centimetre in length can make a huge difference to your comfort and bust support.

With most of the straps fixed in place, we do offer a selection of styles where you can cross the straps over at the back for a more secure fit or remove them completely for a strapless look.

Our bandeau bikini top even provides you with an alternative set of straps to change the look of you swimsuit in an instant.


Blonde model wearing black floral underwire one piece with adjustable straps

The Bora Bora Underwire One Piece features adjustable straps to customise your support


Moulded Cups

A selection of our swimsuit styles feature moulded cups. These are lightly padded cups that are sewn into the swimsuit to provide shape for the bust. They also provide nipple coverage so you don’t need to feel self-conscious about revealing too much.

You’ll find moulded cups in a number of our swimsuits including bikini tops and one pieces. They are usually combined with panels and boning in our more structured designs, to provide support and shape without underwire.

Woman with short brown hair reclines on a yellow sun lounge wearing a black one piece swimsuit with white polkadots

The Black and White Dots Long Frill One Piece includes moulded cups for shape and coverage


Removable Breast Pads

Removable breast pads are thin, flexible inserts that offer the same benefits of moulded cups but can be removed if necessary. The pads slot into the lining of the swimsuit and offer the wearer a natural shape as well as coverage for the nipples.

With the pads removed, the swimsuit becomes an ideal choice for post mastectomy wear, with the option to insert a prosthesis into the empty pouch.

You’ll find removable breast pads in most of our underwire styles and some shelf bra designs. You can even replace these pads with your own inserts to give you fuller cups and extra lift.


Leopard Crop Wrap Top

Leopard Crop Wrap Top features removable breast pads


Structured Designs

Many of our swimsuits are made with panels, boning and reinforced seams to offer more structure around the bust area. Rather than lifting the bust from underneath, this structure supports the breasts from the sides and front of the swimsuit.

You’ll notice this detail in our best selling frill sleeve one pieces, double frill bikini top and long sleeve panelled one pieces. Combined with shelf bra support, these structured swimsuits help you to feel safe and secure in your swimsuit as it shapes the body and holds you in.


Woman steps out of the pool wearing light blue zip up one piece swimsuit with white polkadots

The Vintage Dots Chlorine Resistant Frill Sleeve One Piece uses structure for support

Discover more fabulous swimsuit styles for larger busts and support with our guide to bigger cup swimwear.
August 18, 2021