Sun Safe Protective Swimwear

We don’t need to tell you about the damaging effects of too much sun exposure. If you live in Australia, you’re constantly bombarded with warnings of what too much UV can do to you in the short and long term. You only have to spend half and hour in the sun in summer to feel that harsh solar burn.

Even though we know the risks, so much of our pleasure is derived from spending time in the glowing sun at the beach or by the pool. We just need to be sensible and take precautions before exposing our skin to the sun’s harmful rays.

Fortunately, swimwear designers have considered the need to cover up when we’re out enjoying all that the warm, sunny days have to offer. It is now possible to cover up in style at the beach or by the pool with protective swimwear that looks and feels fabulous.

Let us take you through our collection of swimwear for sun protection to keep you covered up this summer.



Rash Vests for Sun Protection

One of the easiest ways to cover up and protect yourself from the sun is with a rash vest. Whether you choose a short or long sleeve rashie, having one of these practical sun shirts on hand is a lifesaver for long days in the sun.

We love to keep a zip front rash vest in our beach bag to pop on throughout the day when the sun becomes unbearable. Made from the same fabric as your swimsuit, these lightweight, stretchy tops can be easily thrown on over bikinis, tankinis, one pieces and swim dresses.

Practical sun protection needn’t be boring, so opt for a rashie in a striking print in seasonal colours. We release a variety of prints and plains each season in colour palettes to suit everyone. Once you’ve worn your first rash vest, you won’t know what you ever did without one.

Santorini Blue paisley long sleeve rash vest

Santorini Blue Long Sleeve Rash Vest


Long Sleeve One Piece Swimsuits

If you prefer your sun protection and swimsuit all-in-one, then you can’t go past a women’s long sleeve one piece swimsuit. A long sleeve one piece bathing suit with zipper front is a stylish and practical option to keep you covered up all day long. Once it’s on, a long sleeve one piece will stay put and offer all day worry-free sun protection.

Here at Capriosca Swimwear we’ve designed a long sleeve one piece that offers full torso and arm coverage. You don’t need to worry about applying sunscreen with this cleverly designed bathing suit, so you can stay out in the sun with confidence and comfort.

Our long sleeve one pieces are available in a variety of prints and colours with many designs featuring body shaping panels and details that offer a slimming effect or accentuate curves. The swimsuits include shelf bra support and a zip front closure for easy wear.

Corsica black floral long sleeve one piece swimsuit

Corsica Long Sleeve One Piece


Sun Safe Chlorine Resistant Swimwear

The beach isn’t the only place you need sun protection. If you love swimming laps or doing aqua aerobics at your local pool, you need a swimsuit that provides coverage and can withstand the effects of chlorine.

Our chlorine resistant swimsuits are made from 100% polyester and are not affected by pool chemicals or heated water.

Our long sleeve one piece is available in chlorine resistant fabric and is ideal for swimming laps or exercising in the pool. The sleeved one piece will stay in place while you are active in the water, and you won’t need to worry about applying sunscreen.

A ¾ sleeve style is also available if you prefer a shorter length that still provides excellent coverage.

The chlorine resistant collection also includes swim separates that are perfect for covering up on the go. The zip front long sleeve rash vest is available in two colours to add to your swimming bag.

Great to have on hand, the rashie can be added to your swimsuit to provide extra coverage for your upper body.

We haven’t forgotten about your legs! Keep your pins protected from the sun with a longer length swim pant. Choose from boy legs, bike pants, and ¾ length swim leggings that keep you covered.

The polyester fabric is resistant to the damaging effects of chlorine and heated pools and lasts longer than regular swimsuit fabric.

Chlorine Resistant long sleeve zip up one piece swimwear

Luxe Sport Chlorine Resistant Long Sleeve One Piece


Kids Swimwear for Sun Protection

We haven’t forgotten about the little ones. Our long sleeve one piece swimsuit is also available in sizing for kids.

Modified for little bodies, our protective one piece bathers come in different prints for your mini to enjoy.

Kids love the ease of this long sleeve style that keeps them covered in style and comfort all day long.

They love that they don’t have to waste time applying sunscreen and can just get out there and have fun in the sun.

Kids Navy and White Dots long sleeve one piece swimsuit

Kids Navy and White Dots Long Sleeve One Piece


Sun Safe Pool Hats

Sun safety isn’t complete without something on your head. The basic requirement when going out in the sun is a protective hat.

Fortunately, we have swim friendly hats that keep you covered up.

Our bucket hats are made from swim fabric and can be adjusted to fit you perfectly. They can even be sized down for kids.

Available in prints and plains to mix and match with your swimwear, you’ll be happy you added a cute bucket hat to your beach bag.

Navy and White Dots Reversible Pool Hat and Bandeau Bikini Top

Navy and White Dots Reversible Pool Hat


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September 29, 2021