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September 28, 2021 4 min read

Have we nailed your holiday persona?

As women, we are complex, interesting beings with multifaceted lives, engaging personalities, and extraordinary minds. But we also like to indulge in a little frivolity, like finding out what our vacay swimwear says about us.

So, let’s call it “Swimology” and have a bit of fun, shall we?



Classic One Piece

Far from boring, the classic one piece is back in style and demands your attention. The one piece wearer has a strong sense of self and knows she doesn’t have to show it all to look and feel sexy.

She is alluring and intriguing and you want to get to know her more.

The one piece wearer values quality over quantity in all areas of life. If she seems disinterested in your conversation, you just don’t meet her high standards and should probably quit and move on.

She is effortlessly stylish and doesn’t need anyone’s approval. All her dresses have pockets.

Acapulco Black and White Criss Cross One Piece

Acapulco Black and White Criss Cross One Piece



Wearing a tankini this summer? You are a woman who values her time and wants to make the most of every moment. You want the freedom to change your mind in an instant and try something new.

Spontaneity is your jam, and you need to be ready for the next fun thing on offer.

There’s every possibility you’ll be drinking cocktails by the pool, so you know that nature could be calling more frequently.

In this instance, a one piece just won’t cut it. You need a practical swimsuit that looks fabulous without the fuss. You organise girls’ trips and make photo books for everyone.

Santorini Blue paisley tankini top and pants 

Santorini Blue 3 Tier Tankini Top and High Waisted Pant



Bikini wearers are known for their confidence and free-spirited nature. While you don’t care about what anyone else thinks, you still get a buzz over a compliment or an admiring glance.

You dress for yourself but you’re happy to provide something enticing for others to enjoy. It’s just your generous nature.

Your holiday most likely involves a bit of everything, and you need to be able to throw a dress on over your bathers to take you to your next locale. Your bikini will assume the role of lingerie for much of your trip as you hit the shops, restaurants, and bars in between refreshing swims.

You hair always looks great even though you do nothing to it.

Black Double Frill Bikini Top and high waisted pants

Black Double Frill Bikini Top and High Waisted Pant


Board Shorts

You are ready for adventure! Whether it’s water sports, bush walks, boat rides, or hikes, your boardies will ensure you’re dressed appropriately for land or sea.

You’re likely to have a rashie in your backpack too, and a fully equipped first aid kit. We envy your enthusiasm for the outdoors and all the adventures you can pack into one holiday.

Just because you’re practical, doesn’t mean you don’t care about style. Your board shorts fit you beautifully and match your swimwear perfectly.

Your look is timeless and classic, and you make the most of everything your holiday has to offer. Your vacation photos are spectacular!


Swim Dresses

Swim dresses are a favourite amongst the mature set and women who like a little more coverage. They are ideal for holidays when you’re moving from one place to another and don’t want to feel like you’re walking around in your underwear.

With a swim dress, you’re pretty much dressed for the day.

Swim dress wearers favour a luxurious approach to vacations, indulging in poolside massages or having pedicures at a local salon. Traditionally feminine activities take priority on your vacation.

If you can treat yourself, you’ll do it. You love to be pampered and you deserve it. You overpack.

Molokai Tropical Floral Swim Dress 

Molokai Wide Strap Swim Dress


Retro Swimwear

Much like swim dress aficionados, retro swimwear lovers err on the side of glamour and luxury.

You might not spend as much time in the sun, but you’re up to popping on a statement lip and indulging in quirky cultural escapades that usually end in sipping cocktails at a cool, local bar, that no one has heard of yet. 

Your swimwear needs to double as clothing and you’ll often pop a cute skirt on with a one piece, creating a stylish outfit that oozes vintage vibes. Your look is perfectly curated, and you’ve got your styling down to a fine art.

You yourself are a walking work of art.

Navy and White Dots Frill Sleeve One Piece

Navy and White Dots Frill Sleeve One Piece


High Cut Swimwear

The 80s and 90s trend is back and we are loving it. Those who are embracing the high cut trend know how flattering these leg lengthening styles are and have their finger firmly on the pulse of what’s cool now.

You’ll find high cut lovers holidaying at the coolest vacay spots and their Instagram feed will let you exactly where they are.

High cut lovers are on the VIP list. They have moved beyond Espresso Martinis and Spicy Margaritas and are onto the next cool cocktail.

They start and finish their day with sheet facial mask and it shows. High cut women are more approachable than they look, even though their nails may suggest otherwise.

Leopard High Cut Pant and Reversible Bikini Top 

Leopard High Cut Pant and Reversible Bikini Top


Long Sleeve Swimwear

Don’t make assumptions about a lady in a long sleeve. The dark horse of Swimology, the long sleeve swimsuit wearer is not always what she seems.

Whether she’s covering up for modesty, sun protection, or she just loves the sleek look of a sleeve suit, the long sleeve lady has a mysterious side that she keeps close to herself.

Long sleeve lovers have the patience of a saint and will be the ones working quietly behind the scenes making sure everyone has a great vacation.

Her effortless work often goes unnoticed, and she expects no recognition. She will finish about 10 books on her holiday, but you will never recall seeing her read. Her bedside drawer will shock you.


Corsica floral long sleeve one piece swimsuit

Corsica Long Sleeve One Piece

Did We Nail It?

Obviously, none of this is substantiated with any concrete evidence, but we’ve certainly had fun compiling this creative interpretation of holiday swimwear style.

Have we nailed your vacay persona, or got it entertainingly wrong?

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