Beach Bag Essentials

It's time to hit the beach! Get your bag packed with everything you need to make the most of your day in the sunshine. 

Follow our guide to packing your beach bag with essentials and any extras to enhance your time lounging, swimming, and playing at the beach this summer. 



Beach Bag

The first thing you’re going to need is the beach bag itself. Choose a roomy, stylish carry all to fit everything you need.

A bag that can double as a tote for shopping, picnics, or every day, is an ideal choice. Consider one of our beautiful natural jute bags that look fabulous and hold everything you need for a long day at the beach.

Natural jute paisley beach bag with white cotton sarong



In my opinion, everyone should own a sarong, men included. These fabulous beach accessories offer a multitude of uses for the beach and beyond.

Wear them to and from the beach and use them as a beach or picnic blanket while you’re there. Sarongs are lightweight, come in a rainbow of colours, and can be worn many different ways.

Provence Blue Sarong, Santorini Blue 3 tier one piece swimsuit


Cover Up

If you prefer something more than a sarong to cover up for the beach, try a kaftan or overshirt for extra coverage and style.

You can choose from a variety of fabrics including fresh 100% cotton, quick drying mesh, or a soft, viscose blend. Choose a floaty kaftan for a feminine feel or opt for an overshirt that offers a more tailored look.

Punch 100% cotton beach overshirt



A good quality, protective hat is essential to have in your beach bag. The sun is extremely damaging in the short and long term, and we need to take steps to prevent the negative effects of its harmful rays.

Choose a hat that with a wide brim to give you full coverage. If you can swim in it, that’s a bonus. Wear a beautiful wide brimmed straw hat while lounging on the sand and keep a waterproof swim hat in your bag for when you need something a little more practical.

Navy and white polkadots beach hat and bikini



Australians know that in the summer months the ground can be boiling! Even the sand at the beach can feel like the surface of the sun. You need a practical pair of lightweight shoes to slip on and off when you want to protect your delicate feet.

The beach calls for waterproof, lightweight footwear that you can slip on and off with ease. Traditional thongs, beach proof Birkenstock sandals, or even an updated style of Crocs, are ideal for throwing on or stashing in your beach bag.



If you’re day at the beach extends into the hottest midday hours, you need to consider covering up to protect yourself from the sun. A rash vest is an ideal beach bag addition to pop on when you need a little more protection from the elements.

A long or short sleeve rashie can be easily thrown on over your swimsuit to protect your back, shoulders, arms, and chest. A zip front style is an ideal choice as it is easy to take on and off and can also be worn open if you prefer.

Santorini Blue Long Sleeve Rash Vest and high waisted pant


Beauty bag 

A waterproof pouch is a great addition for your beach bag. Fill it with everything you think you might need to protect and freshen up during the day.

Obviously, sunscreen is essential. Pack an SPF that is easy to reapply to your face and body throughout the day. A tinted lip balm with added sun protection is also handy as it adds a little colour while it treats and protects your lips.

A refreshing face mist and after sun care provides an easy way to freshen up your skin and soothe it from the burning sun and drying salt water. Choose products with fresh or tropical scents that smell like holidays and promote relaxation.


Water Bottle

Stay hydrated! There are so many high tech drink bottles available to keep your water cold and fresh. Fill up with icy cold water with cucumber and mint for a refreshing pick-me-up throughout the day.

Take an extra bottle with cold fruit tea or even a cheeky iced coffee for a little daytime buzz.



Of course, you’re going to pack a towel, but not all towels are created equally. Think about what kind of towel will work best for you and invest in a new one for summer.

Round towels, sand resistant, Turkish towels, velour, quick dry, beach blankets. The list is endless, but one will work better for you than the others. Establish your needs and priorities and pack your beach bag with a towel perfect for you.


Beach Activities

There are so many things you can do at the beach. Sleep, meditate, exercise, read, write, play, create, swim, walk, or practice your cartwheels!

Pack your beach bag with anything you need to enhance your time at the beach. Throw in books, magazines, toys, or anything else you think you’ll need to make the most of your day.


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October 07, 2021