All You need to know about Women’s swim dresses

Swim dresses have developed a reputation as a mature woman’s swimsuit. While they are an ideal style for older ladies, the swim dress is also a great option for women who love retro and vintage style, feminine design, or prefer to cover up their hips and bottom.

Here at Capriosca Swimwear we create our swim dresses with curves in mind, taking into consideration support and fit needs in the most stylish design possible. Our swim dresses are popular with a variety of women of all shapes and sizes.

Two women wear different styles of swim dresses at the pool and by the ocean

What is a swim dress?

Just like other swimwear styles, swim dresses come in a variety of designs for different needs. Essentially, a swim dress is a one piece swimsuit with a dress overlay. The one piece fits snug against the body, supporting and shaping the bust and midsection. Curves are smoothed, as the dress overlay skims over the body, providing coverage.

Some swimdresses are simply a dress made from swim fabric that can be worn with any bikini bottoms. These swim dresses are essentially a long line tankini top that offer more coverage for the bottom and hips, but allow the ease of a two piece swimsuit.

Swim dresses can be used the same way as any swimsuit. They can be made from stretchy swim fabric or durable chlorine resistant material. Depending on your needs, there is a swim dress for every woman.


Model Posing in Green Floral Frill Swim Dress

Bora Bora Frill Swim Dress

Swim Dress FAQs

Can I swim in a swim dress?

Of course! Swim dresses are designed to swim in. You can find swim dresses made from stretchy swim fabric that can be worn at the beach or in your backyard pool. Or if you frequent your local pool or you’re heading off on a cruise, you can choose a chlorine resistant swim dress that can withstand the damaging effects of pool chemicals and heated spas.

Do I wear bottoms with a swim dress?

It all depends on the style you choose. Most swim dresses are designed with a built in one piece, so you don’t need separate bottoms. Some, however, are similar to a long line tankini top, and are designed to be worn with your favourite bikini bottoms. Be sure to check the description when choosing your swim dress as you might need to order separate bottoms.

Can I wear a swim dress out and about?

Absolutely. The beauty of a swim dress is that it looks just like a mini dress. If you like the length, then by all means wear your swim dress wherever you please, but you might just feel more comfortable wearing it around the pool, to and from the beach, or as you move through the cruise ship or resort.

Can I do aqua aerobics in a swim dress?

Yes, you can. One of our biggest selling styles for aqua aerobics is our chlorine resistant wide strap swim dress. This fabulous style offers comfortable support and coverage in a stylish design made from 100% polyester chlorine resistant fabric. You’ll love the way the one piece hugs your curves keeping everything in place as you move through the water. The A line dress sits close to the body to prevent it floating up and getting in your way while you exercise. Be sure to check you are ordering a chlorine resistant style if you are spending time in heavily chlorinated pools and heated spas.

Can I find a plus size swim dress in my size?

Our swim dress styles are designed with curves in mind. You can find a stylish swim dress in our plus size collection from size 14 to size 30. Our underwire styles are cut to fit and support DD/E cup busts, while the wide strap and frill swim dresses can fit up to a G cup.

Where do I buy a swim dress in Australia?

Right here at Capriosca Swimwear, of course. For more details on how to shop online or in store for a swim dress in Australia, read our informative blog on where to buy a swim dress in Australia.

Polkadot Navy and White Chlorine Resistant Wide Strap Swim Dress

August 19, 2020