New Year, New Bikini?

The start of a new year is always a good time to embrace the new. Whether it’s a new hobby, new job, or a new haircut, taking the plunge to switch things up can be life changing.

Wearing a bikini is something many women would love to do but lack the confidence to follow through. Whether it’s body insecurity or a fear of what others might think, the hesitation to slip into a two piece can be paralysing for some, yet the desire remains.

We believe every woman can and should wear a bikini. All it takes to have a bikini body is to a. have a body and b. put a bikini on it. Body shape, size, age, or any other factor shouldn’t keep you from experiencing the pure joy and feminine thrill of hitting the beach or pool in a cute bikini.

If being a bikini babe has always been on your bucket list, then follow our advice on how to achieve this in 2023. This is the year you’ll wear a bikini and we’re here to show you how.

3 different women wear different styles of bikinis in bright summer colours and prints

Yes, you can wear a bikini and look great and feel confident.

Know Your Shape and Size

Before choosing any swimsuit, it helps to know your correct size and your body shape. We recommend following your bra and underwear sizing to find your perfect swimsuit size, as this will give you the most accurate fit.

Knowing roughly what shape you are will help you narrow down the styles that will fit and flatter your body best. While we believe you can and should wear whatever you like, if you’re new to bikinis due to body insecurity, finding a style that will show off your best assets will give you the confidence to get out there.

Get Inspired

There are endless influencers and inspiring women sharing their bikini moments online. Find someone with a similar shape or size, or someone who you admire and take inspiration from them. Note the styles they choose to wear and how they put their summer looks together.

We have our favourite bikini babes if you’re not sure where to start. Nikki Parkinson from Styling You, Natalie Angel from Let Me Try Before You Buy, Kate Jan-Maree, and all our beautiful models.

Choose Your Style

Once you’ve established your shape and size and have an idea of how you want to look, it’s time to make a short list. Think about the features you want to show off and look for bikini tops and bottoms that will help you achieve this.

Start with the area you feel will be most challenging – your top or bottom? If you have a large bust that requires extra support or coverage, prioritise your bikini top first. If your bottom half is more of a challenge or there’s a specific style you’d like to try, choose your pant first.

From here you can choose your matching top or bottom or mix colours and prints to create your own unique set. Complete your bikini look with beach cover ups and accessories that will help you get to and from the beach or pool in style.

Take The Plunge

Now for the fun part! Put your bikini on, admire your gorgeous self in the mirror, and hit the beach with confidence. You’ll have the best time feeling the warmth of the sun on your skin and the cool water splashing your mid-section, wondering why it’s taken you so long to join the bikini club.

woman with long brown hair wears Leopard print crop wrap top and high waisted skirted pant

With so many styles to choose from, make 2023 your year to join the bikini club

Capriosca Swimwear Bikini Style Guide


The underwire bikini top is a bra like bikini top that offers excellent support and lift for the bust. Customise your fit with a 3 hook back closure and adjustable straps. With specific cup fittings, shop this style like you would a bra.

Double Frill

The double frill bikini top super cute style that can be worn on or off the shoulders. Great for smaller busts as it adds volume to the top half with its feminine frills.

woman with long brown hair wears Leopard print underwire bikini top and high waisted pants. woman with curly brown hair wears Frenchy Black off the shoulder double frill bikini top and high waisted pants

Try an underwire bikini for extra bust support or a double frill bikini top for an off the shoulder look

Crop Wrap Top

An amazing alternative to classic bikini tops, the crop wrap top offers more coverage with a high back and flutter sleeves. This style fits and supports all bust sizes including G cups.

Frill Bikini

This beautiful frill bikini top features a large ruffle that skims over the bust. Paired with a high waisted pant, this style is ideal if you don’t want to show off too much skin.

Woman with short brown hair wears Bora Bora White floral crop wrap top and high waisted pant. Woman with short brown hair wears Navy Floral frill bikini top and high waisted pant.

A crop wrap top is great for a larger bust, while a frill bikini will add volume to a smaller bust


With the option to wear strapless, this sexy bandeau bikini top features and underwire for support and fits up to a G cup. With interchangeable straps you can choose your preferred look.


Classic and sexy, the triangle top is queen of bikini tops. With the straps completely adjustable all you need to do is choose how much coverage you want over the bust. Go for a smaller size for minimal coverage or larger if you’d prefer to show less skin.

Woman with dark brown hair wears navy and white polkadots strapless bandeau bikini top and retro skirted high waist pant. Woman with long red hair wears black triangle bikini top and black skater skirt.

Show a little more skin with a strapless bandeau style or classic triangle bikini top

Square Neck

With a sporty crop top feel, this simple yet stylish square neck bikini top supports and frames the bust beautifully. With a fully adjustable back closure and straps, you can feel secure and lifted just the way you like.  

Reversible 2 Way

Two bikini tops in one! The reversible two way bikini top gives you the option to wear it your way. One is a classic scoop neck and the other is a sexy tie front. A great style for smaller bust sizes.

Woman with blonde hair sits by the pool wearing Amalfi pink boho square neck bikini top and frill pant. Woman with curly brown hair wears reversible Retro Floral bikini top and high waisted pant.

Try a new style with our sporty square neck or clever reversible two way bikini tops

What to dive a little deeper into the world of plus size bikini? Read our blog on which bikini styles are best for your body shape.
January 09, 2023