Nat Angel Body Shape Swimwear Try On

Nat is back! This time with a Capriosca Swimwear try on with a focus on specific body shapes. Want to know the best styles for your gorgeous shape? We've made our suggestions and Nat also offers her expert styling advice to present you with the best swimsuit styles for you and your needs.

  • Apple
  • Rectangle
  • Pear
  • Hourglass
  • Inverted Triangle



Also known as the Diamond shape, an Apple body type features a prominent tummy with no defined waistline. 

We've chosen the 3 tier one piece to balance the body and provide coverage for the belly. As Nat says, we've taken the tummy "out of the equation". 

A frill sleeve one piece balances the proportions by broadening the shoulders with a ruffle sleeve. Structure and shape through the sides, minimises a rounder tummy, creating the look of a waistline. 

Blonde woman wears Frenchy Black floral 3 tier ruffle one piece. Brunette woman wears Bora Bora black and floral frill sleeve zip up one piece


A Rectangle shape has an athletic look with similar measurements through the bust, waist, and hips. A "straight up and down" silhouette. Choose swimwear that will create a more defined waist, separating the top and bottom halves. 

We chose the Acapulco Fresh wrap tie one piece as it creates a waistline with the cross over detail. Nat shows you how to tie this swimsuit in various ways to show off your shape. 

The Acapulco black and white cap sleeve one piece is a genius design that uses an optical illusion to create a curvier silhouette with a defined waist. 

Brunette woman wears Acapulco Fresh green faux wrap tie one piece swimsuit. Blonde woman wears Acapulco black and white cap sleeve zip up one piece


The Pear body shape features narrow shoulders, small bust, and a defined waist. The Pear has a fuller bottom, wider hips and curvy thighs. 

Our V neck one piece sits wide on the shoulders to make them appear broader. The V neck cup is cut perfectly for a smaller bust size. 

The Acapulco black and white peplum bustier tankini top can be worn strapless to draw attention to the shoulders. It features a contrasting waistband to accentuate a smaller midsection and the skirted top flares out to cover the hips and bottom.

Woman with slicked back brown hair wears Whitehaven blue patchwork V neck one piece. Woman with long brown hair wears Acapulco black and white peplum bustier


An Hourglass body shape has balanced proportions with the same sized bust and hips and a defined waist. 

Show off this beautifully balanced silhouette with a classic one piece like the Acapulco Fresh square neck one piece

Bikinis are great for the hourglass shape, as they highlight the waistline. Our double frill bikini top worn with a high waisted pant shows the feminine curves of the hourglass silhouette. 

Brunette woman wears Acapulco Fresh green square neck one piece swimsuit. Woman with curly brown hair wears Frenchy Black off the shoulder double frill bikini top with high waisted pant

Inverted Triangle

The Inverted Triangle or Heart shape is larger up top with narrow hips and slender legs. The opposite of the Pear. 

The white trim of the Navy and White Dots boyleg one piece draws attention and adds volume to the hips and upper thighs. The lower leg line fits a narrower leg better than a higher cut style. 

Support a larger bust with an underwire bikini top and add volume to the hips and bottom with a full coverage pant. Nat suggests minimising the bust with a plain black bikini top and draw attention to the lower half with a printed pant. 


Woman with blonde hair wears navy and white dots boyleg one piece. Woman with long brown hair wears Leopard print underwire bikini top and high waisted pant

For more great fit advice on specific body shapes, follow our suggestions for the best plus size swimsuits for all body shapes.
November 07, 2022