How to Style Your Swimwear with Jewellery

Here at Capriosca Swimwear, we go by the “You do You” philosophy of personal style. While trends are fun and can shake things up in your wardrobe each season, we don’t demand that you always follow what’s hot now, especially if it doesn’t reflect your own unique sense of style.

Jewellery is one area of fashion that is embraced individually by almost everyone. Some women have vast collections of fine jewellery that has been gifted to them over the years, while others love to embrace what’s trending and dismiss it next season when something new comes along.

There a so many different types of jewellery from fine to costume, and everything in between. Choosing the best jewellery to level up your beach outfit should be uniquely personal and reflect your distinct sense of style.

If you’ve not considered styling your swimwear with jewels, we’d love to offer you our tips and recommendations.




Earrings are probably one of the easiest and most practical jewellery solutions to wear with your swimwear. You likely always keep a pair in and don’t even think about how they work back with your swimsuit.

The right ear adornments can elevate your swim style, adding a little pizazz to your otherwise simple look.

For impact, choose a hoop earring. A small, chunky hoop makes a statement and draws attention to your face. Sweep hair away from your face and add a head scarf for a look inspired by the beauties of the Mediterranean. Wear these earrings with classic swimsuits for timeless, elegant appeal.

Large, fine hoops add a sexy playfulness to your look and work well with shoulder baring swimsuit styles. Pair a one shoulder one piece with fine, hoop earrings and immediately feel chic and sexy at the beach or by the pool. You could easily add a skirt or pants to your ensemble and hit the town in style.

For those with multiple ear piercings, group mismatched studs or mini sleepers together to create a fun ear party that looks effortless and cool. This is a practical and fashionable way to show off your personality and unique sense of style. Wear this style with fun, printed swimsuits, or classic black swim separates.


Corsica floral one shoulder one piece swimsuit 


Like earrings, rings are an easy and practical way to wear jewels to the beach or pool. Don’t limit yourself to your everyday sentimental pieces, bring in a little inspiration from your natural surrounds.

Semi-precious stones are always in vogue and work beautifully with swimwear. Choose your stone or crystal by your favourite colour, birth stone, or one that means something to you. The natural beauty and durability of semi-precious stones lend themselves to be worn in or near the water and the great outdoors.

Keep it simple or stack a variety of coordinating pieces to create a look that is uniquely yours. Rings are ideal to wear with any swimsuit, but pair particularly well with high neck, sleeved, or full coverage swimwear.

 Swimwear Accessories


Strapless and scoop neck swimsuits look amazing accessorised with necklaces. Choose a single statement piece with elements inspired by the sea or stack a few fine chains for an eye-catching display.

Short, simple necklaces look better with swimwear and are a more practical option that longer chains or those with large pendants. Be sure to secure your necklaces well or stick to inexpensive options that you can risk losing.

Add trinkets and charms to your fine chains that represent you and your style. Name plates, zodiac signs, and initials are personalised ways to show off your individual style, and they look great with swimwear and simple summer clothing.

 Leopard print two way reversible bikini top and high cut pant

Bracelets and bangles

Bracelets are an ideal way to add coastal elements to your jewels. Adding shells, starfish charms, little anchors, and pearls to fine bracelets offers a quirkiness to your look without appearing too cliched.

Wrist adornments make it easy to admire your jewels without needing a mirror. Their beauty is right there in front of you to enjoy, so make sure they delight your senses and fill you with joy.

Bracelets are innately feminine, so pair them with bikinis or frilled swimsuits that show off your womanly style.


Anklets and Body Chains

For those who want to flirt with unconventional jewellery styles, why not dabble in the world of body adornments.

Anklets are an easy way to dip your feet into the body jewellery trend and have been traditionally associated with surfer girls and beach babes. Choose something with shells, bells, or bohemian elements to bring your hippy fantasies to life.

Those with a little more daring might like to try a belly, body, or leg chain to add a glamorous flavour to their swim style. Choose a fine chain that works with your skin tone. This way the chain won’t overpower you or your swimwear. Show them off with bikinis or one pieces that feature cut outs.


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October 27, 2021