July 05, 2019 4 min read

The best supportive swimwear that Capriosca Swimwear stocks is going to change your life. If you’re someone who has struggled to find ladies swimwear that fits, supports while looking great, you have come to the right place!

Have confidence wearing your swimsuit to the beach or pull with cleverly designed ladies swimwear offering wider straps, adjustable straps and power mesh to give you great supportive swimwear.  Our swimsuits will give you the lift and support that you need.

Capriosca swimwear has designed several swimsuits for all modern day women. With swimwear that now feels and looks great, you can enjoy your next holiday as you are supported all day long. Enjoy swimming in the pool or going on a beach walk as Capriosca is leading the way in forward thinking and figure flattering swimwear for you.

We are the plus size swimwear specialists and our team has designed and created some of the number one supportive swimwear styles just for you.

Let’s talk about the best supportive swimsuits and why you need them in your life!

Wide Strap Swimdress

Our wide strap swim dresses are made with thick shoulder straps to ensure maximum support. More often than not swimwear straps are relatively thin meaning they can stretch and sag as your bust tires to find some support.

Adjustable straps allow you to lengthen or shorten your straps for that perfect bust support.  Built in wide shelf bra under the bust is not only supportive but comfortable.

These straps were designed to be thicker as they are made to hold up your bust. If you are anywhere from a D-G cup you will find great support with a wide strap swimdress. This style of swimsuit is built as a one piece with a dress material hanging over the top giving it the look of a dress.

Because of the way this swimdress is designed it hides those with a bigger stomach as it comes from the top of the bust and swings out in a A line style.  The panelled sides of black add an hourglass shape tricking the eye and minimising your waistline.

With wide strap support and comfortable swimwear design, a wide strap swimdress is a very popular style year in and year out. As it comes in several different colours you will have a lot of choice when it comes to buying this style. Colours such as Ink and Water, Black Tropics, Black and White Dots, Plain Black and Navy and White Dots, you will love this dress and all the supportive features it has to offer you.

Honey Comb Range

The Honey Comb range as introduced last season as the demand for better and more functional swimwear was growing and growing. We decided it was time to give ladies what they were after and so we did. Honey Comb has been designed with F/G cup ladies in mind. Kept simple, yet functional, Honey Comb offers something for everyone.

With such little on offer for an F/G cup women in the swimwear industry, this supportive and simple range has been selling out fast. Coming in only navy or black, you have the option of a tankini or a one piece. This range was designed in a textured print to give a subtle ‘wow’ as you see these swimsuits.

The fabric is super soft and makes it so comfortable to wear.  Our designers have added extra rushing to the stomach area which is perfect for those with a bit of a tummy.

Our tankini tops are all designed with extra body length so that they come right down to your hips.  Pair our Honey Comb range back with a plain navy or plain black pant or even with a printed pant, it’s so easy.

Made with either a DD/E cup or an F/G cup this range is extremely supportive and made to last. With adjustable straps, ruching and tummy control, you will look and feel great all day long in Honey Comb. With customer feedback commending these designs and fits, you are sure to find something you love in this supportive collection.

Swimwear features:

If you have your swimsuit already or you aren’t interested in any of the above styles, we have some hot tips for anyone looking for that added support in their swimwear. Sit back as we are about to blow your mind with simple and easy tricks designed to be applied to your swimsuit for added support and lift.

Tip 1: Adjust your straps! Yes! As simple and easy as that sounds, a lot of ladies tend not to adjust their straps to get the perfect fit. All it takes is asking your partner or friends to simply adjust the straps and you will be blown away with the support you feel. If your straps are not tight enough, your bust won’t be supported correctly leading to all sorts of back pain.

Tip 2: Cross the straps over at the back! This is a handy tip as most women aren’t aware of doing this. Sports bras are commonly a cross over at the back so why not do it with your swimsuit!? Simply unhook the back straps and place them in the opposite loop. You will feel instant support as your bust will be lifted and supported.

Tip 3: If you are spilling out of the top of your swimsuit then you need to go up a size. We are more than happy to exchange it for the next size up.  Simply fill out our returns sheet and send it back with your swimsuit with a note of the size that you need.

With these handy tricks and recommended ladies swimsuit styles, you can find all the support you need in the Capriosca Swimwear range. We want women to feel comfortable and confident as they rock their swimmers down the beach or to the pool.

Head online and check out our supportive swimwear or check out our instagram for all things trendy and loved by our customers @caprioscaswimwear.

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