Bikinis for All Body Shapes

Bikinis are for everyone. If you have ever wanted to wear a bikini but didn't know what style to choose, we're here to help you. With inclusive sizes and a wide variety of styles, wearing a bikini has never been easier.

Here at Capriosca Swimwear, we believe every woman, regardless of size, shape, or age is bikini ready and worthy. You have the freedom to choose and wear whatever style you like. However, if you are hesitant or need a little guidance, we are here for you. 

Let's show you how to wear a bikini no matter your body shape. 

Woman with long brown hair wears navy and white dots crop top and ruched pant

Pear Shape

If you have a pear shaped body – small shoulders and bust with larger legs, hips, thighs, or bottom – swimwear styles that draw the eyes upward are an ideal choice. Swimwear separates are an ideal way to mix and match colours, prints, and styles, to create a bikini set that works for you. 

Highlight your upper body by wearing pieces with bright colours and designs at the top, and balance your proportions by choosing dark, solid colours at the bottom. A high cut pant will minimise the size of your lower half while a full coverage pant with accentuate your curves. An A line swim skirt provides coverage to minimise wide hips or a fuller bottom. 

Details like ruffles or knotted centres will flatter your bust and add volume to your top half. We love the double frill bikini top in a fun print. This style can also be  worn off the shoulder, to broaden the shoulders. Flutter sleeves and halter necks also widen your shoulders, balancing your proportions. 


Woman with red hair wear black bikini top with frills and high waisted pants. Woman with red hair wears black triangle bikini top and a line swim skirt

Add volume to the top half with frills or broaden shoulders with a halter style

Apple Shape

An apple shape usually has wider shoulders, a larger chest or stomach with narrow waist and hips. You can either look for styles that create a waist or keep your midsection covered if you prefer.  

High waisted pants in a fun print are ideal as they balance out the hips and cinch in the waistline. Pair them with a classic underwire bikini top for bust support and a stylish look. 

If you don't want to show too much skin, opt for a longer line bikini top with a high waist pant. A crop top style or single frill bikini top offers extra coverage for your midsection. Prints and bold colours are ideal for keeping the eye busy and moving the focus to the bikini, not the body. 


Woman with long brown hair wears black and pink floral crop top bikini with high waisted pants


A longer top reduces the amount of skin on show while full coverage pants balance narrow hips

Hourglass Shape

Women with an hourglass shape – chest and hips are the same size, with a small waist – are always considered the lucky ones. An hourglass figure is well proportioned on the top and bottom.

You can get away with many bikini styles, including low waist styles that sit on the hip. Keep your proportions balanced by always choosing matching tops and bottoms in either prints or plain colours. 

Underwire bikini tops offer exceptional lift and support for fuller busts, and show off the waistline beautifully. A high waist pant will accentuate your curvy hips and narrow waist. Think vintage pinup and retro style glamour. Very hourglass. 


Woman with blonde hair wears pale pink floral strapless bikini top and high waisted pant. Woman with long brown hair wears leopard print underwire bikini top and high waisted pant

An underwire bikini top lifts the bust to show off your waistline and hourglass silhouette

Round Shape

Women with this shape generally have full shoulders and hips, and a round waist. Choose a high waisted pant to create the look of a more defined waist. A frilled top that flares over the bust is ideal as it will soften your silhouette and provide a little more coverage for your midsection. 

Flutter sleeves and wider necklines help to create a balanced silhouette and cover the shoulders. An off the shoulder double frill bikini top will also balance the body and draw the eye away from the midsection.


 woman with short brown hair wears black crop top and high waisted pant. Woman with short brown hair wears navy floral frill bikini top and high waisted pant

A longer line or frill bikini top offers a little more length and coverage for the midsection

Rectangle Shape

Women with this shape have straight proportions, equal from shoulders to hips, so you’ll want to choose swimwear that creates a waistline. Once again, high waisted pants that feature ruching will add volume to the hips and cinch in your waist.

Have fun with ruffles and frills such as our crop wrap top or off the shoulder frill bikini top. These styles will add volume to the top half, giving the illusion of curves and a defined waist. 

To show off your naturally athletic shape, you can keep it simple with an underwire bikini or bandeau style. These tops offer a no fuss look that can be worn with high waisted or lower style bikini bottoms. 


Brunette model wears Leopard print crop wrap top and ruched skirted pants

Soften a rectangular shape with flutter sleeves, ruching, and a fun print

For more great advice on how to shop and wear a bikini this summer, check out our blog on about all our fabulous bikini styles.
August 16, 2023