August 04, 2021 2 min read

A sarong is an essential for any beach bag. Not only can it be worn a variety of ways but you can even use it as lightweight beach blanket. Our 100% cotton sarongs are generously sized and are available in all the colours of the rainbow. Follow the steps below for just some of the ways you can wear your sarong to and from the beach.


Long Skirted Beach Cover Up

  1. Start by holding the sarong horizontally behind you, holding the corners at the top in each hand.
  2. Decide whether you want the sarong to sit on your waist or lower on your hips. Once you’re happy with the position, pull the corners to the front of your body so the sarong sits firmly against your back.
  3. You can either tie the corners in the centre of your body or off to one side. Depending on the fabric, one knot might be enough, or slinky fabrics might require an extra knot to keep it in place.

 red long sarong cover up

Short Wrap Around Skirt

  1. Decide on the length of your skirt by folding the sarong in half lengthways. This will give you the shortest possible length, but you can move the fold to give you more.
  2. Hold the sarong horizontally behind you, holding the corners of the folded edge. Bring one corner around the front of the body lining it up with the opposite hip.
  3. Wrap the opposite corner around in the same way. Position the skirt so this corner tucks into the front near the hip. Tuck it in firmly or secure it with a pin or hair clip.

 blue short wrap sarong skirt

Halter Dress Cover Up

  1. Start by holding the sarong horizontally behind you, holding the corners at the top in each hand. Pull it up high enough that it sits above your bra line.
  2. Pull the corners to the front of your body. You can pull it tightly or leave it loose, depending on your preference.
  3. Cross the corners over and swap them into the opposite hand.
  4. Wrap the corners around your neck and tie them at the back. Again you can make this as tight or loose as you like. You can even make the knot at the side of the neck, whatever looks and feels good to you.

orange sarong halter dress wrap 

Oversized Kimono Shrug

  1. Fold your sarong lengthways. The corners will be matched up.
  2. Take the very ends and tie the matching corners together. This will create your armholes.
  3. Put your arms through the armholes and position the knots at the very bottom. Manoeuvre the kimono to sit the way you like it. 

 blue kimono sarong cover up

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