Swimwear for All Women

No matter your age or stage of life, a swimsuit is a wardrobe must have. Finding what works for you and what is available to suit your needs, makes swimwear shopping an easy and enjoyable experience. 

Age should not be a barrier to wearing what you love, but at different stages of womanhood, your body might have specific needs when it comes to fit, support, and accessibility. Here at Capriosca Swimwear, we constantly update our collections to offer more styles and swim solutions for every women at every stage. 

If you need to know more about the styles available for you or a woman in your life, read on. We've covered the major milestones from girlhood to the twilight years, offering advice on what swimwear might best suit your needs.  

four women pose in different styles of swimwear

There's a perfect swimsuit for every chapter of womanhood

Swimwear for Girls


Just like us, it’s important to choose swimwear for little ones that they love and feel good in. You want them to be protected from the sun in a practical swimsuit that stays put. A zip up style offers protection from the elements, reduces the need for sunscreen all over, and stays in place.

Girls also love being independent. A zip up one piece allows for easy dressing that promotes independence. They can also choose from different styles, colours and prints to show off their personal style. If they like, they can even embrace the mini and me trend by matching with you or a friend.


 Two girls with blonde hair pose on the beach in navy and white polkadot long sleeve one piece swimsuits.

Girls love cute swimsuits that let them swim and play all day

Swimwear for Young Women


Teens and young adults are all about embracing trends and trying new things. At this stage of womanhood, the body is developing and experiencing change. This could be a time of celebration or a period of self-consciousness. Finding a swimsuit that expresses your sense of style and helps you feel confident is the goal.

While some young women are open to embracing bikinis and skimpy cuts, others will want to keep covered. Fortunately there are options available for every need.


Woman with blonde hair wears pale pink floral strapless bikini on the beach. Woman with dark brown hair wears metallic deep teal one shoulder one piece.

Play around with trends and different styles to find the swimsuit that makes you feel most confident

Pregnancy Swimwear


Pregnancy is a wild ride! You never know exactly how things are going to go. Your body is in miracle mode, busy creating life. For some women, this means radical change in shape and size. Water is often a source of relaxation and support for many pregnant women. Water takes the weight of your belly to relieve your body, especially your back.

Swimming is also a low impact way to keep active as your body grows. A swimsuit that accommodates and supports your changing size and shape is essential. This could be a bikini set, a stretchy one piece, or a roomy swim dress. Look for shelf bra features to comfortably support your bust as underwires might be too restricting and aggravate your changing breasts.


Woman with blonde hair wears black and floral swim dress with frill neckline

Maternity swimwear should fit and support your changing body

Swimwear for New Mothers


Having a new baby can be amazing and challenging at the same time. Whether you’re taking your little one to the beach or pool, or you’re enjoying some well-deserved “me time”, choosing the right swimsuit is a must.

The post partum body often needs extra support through the midsection and bust. A tummy control one piece, tankini top, or a high waisted bikini bottom will help your belly feel supported. These styles will also help take the strain off your back.

An accessible swimsuit is necessary if you are breastfeeding. Our guide to breastfeeding swimwear has everything you need to know about the best swimsuit styles for you. Fortunately, swimwear is made from stretchy fabric that makes accessibility a breeze.


Woman with short brown hair wears strapless navy and white polkadot one piece swimsuit. Woman with long brown hair wears navy frill sleeve one piece with zip front

Practical swimsuits that offer support and style are ideal for new mothers

Menopause Swimwear


As women, we experience major hormone shifts throughout our lives. One of the biggest and most impactful of these events is menopause. It affects us physically, mentally, and emotionally. While this is a monumental change, it doesn’t mean an end to embracing the things we enjoy, including swimming.

Swimwear for women in menopause needs to be comfortable and supportive, but also stylish. This is not the time for us to give up on style and our love of fashion. It is possible to find beautiful swimsuits to fit and support our changing bodies and showcase our personal style.

If you’re feeling self-conscious about your changing midsection or growing bust, look for fun frills and gorgeous prints that take all the attention. Alternatively, a figure hugging swimsuit that holds you in and accentuates your curves, is another way to embrace your evolving silhouette and support your body.


Woman with brown hair wears bright floral ruffle tankini top

As your body changes yet again, have fun with bright prints and feminine details

Swimwear for Mature Women


The fabulous Jane Fonda describes life after 60 as your third act. In this chapter, women settle into their bodies, knowing the hormonal rollercoaster is behind them. They have a better understanding of who they are and what they want, which can inspire confidence.  Mature women feel free to embrace their personal style, whether that’s understated elegance, or a bright and bubbly love of colour.

Swimwear styles for older women are as varied as they are. There’s nothing stopping a woman over 60 from rocking a bikini at the beach or covering up for aqua aerobics. Rules do not exist for older woman or any other age or stage. Finding a swimwear solution that is right for you and your needs is the goal.


Woman with short grey hair wears black and white cap sleeve one piece with zip up front

Feel confident in styles that work for you at any age or stage of life

To learn more about the different styles available for each chapter of womanhood, read our related blog, The Best Women's Swimwear for Every Age Group

July 24, 2023