The Best Women's Swimwear for Every Age Group

Australia boasts the best climate for beaching it in style, so why should you miss out on all the fun because you haven’t found the right swimsuit for you? While we don't believe in "age appropriate" limitations when it comes to dressing, it can be helpful to know what is available for our needs as we move through different stages of our life. No matter our age, we can all use a little help when it comes to choosing a comfortable swimsuit that gives us confidence. 

At Capriosca Swimwear, everyone can find their favourite pick from our range of high-quality inclusive styles, no matter your size, shape or years. 

The team at Capriosca has compiled our selection of suitable swimwear styles for women of all generations, highlighting specific features that work for your lifestyle as well as your shape. 

3 women pose in different swimsuits. Woman with blonde hair wears navy and white dots underwire swim dress, woman with curly blonde hair wears black frill sleeve zip up one piece and woman with short grey hair wears navy and white dots underwire tankini top

Everyone deserves to feel good and look fantastic in swimwear, no matter what their age.

Swimwear for women in their 20s


Your 20s can be all about embracing trends and having fun with different styles. Experimenting with fashion is one of the best ways to express yourself and show off your youthful vitality. Summer days are spent with friends having beach adventures, partying on a boat, or hosting a pool party at home. 

Your days are spontaneous, so you need to up for anything. Swimwear that doubles as clothing is ideal in your 20s. 

A cute bikini is always great to have on hand, as well as a one piece that can double as a bodysuit. Pair a fabulous bikini with a cute shorts and shirt set, wearing the shirt open to show off a sexy top. A strapless or one shoulder one piece looks amazing worn as a bodysuit. Simply pair it with a high waisted tailored short or fun, flippy skirt, and you'll look great whether you're at the beach or out having drinks with friends. 

Blonde woman lounges by the pool wearing Metallic Deep Teal one shoulder one piece swimsuit. Blonde woman stands in the pool wearing Amalfi Pink boho print square neck bikini top and frill mid rise bikini bottom.

Have fun in your 20s with print and colour in versatile and sexy swimsuit styles.

Swimwear for women in their 30s


Your 30s can be a time of immense change. Many women become mothers in their 30s and with this comes body changes as well as a new lifestyle. A switch to chic styles that offer sun protection appeal to women who are more active with little ones in tow. 

Styles that stay put when wrangling little people are a must. You want to avoid fussing with straps or experiencing an unexpected wardrobe malfunction. Supportive styles for your changing body are ideal as you regain your confidence after pregnancy. 

Look for zip front styles with shaping and support around the bust and midsection. Prints are fabulous, especially with messy kids. Swim separates such as tankinis, rash vests, and board shorts are also great if you find yourself in active pursuits such as  kayaking, stand-up paddle boarding or snorkelling.

Woman with slicked back short brown hair wears Navy Floral long sleeve zip up rash vest with matching high waisted pant. Woman with curly brown hair wears Midnight Garden floral frill sleeve one piece swimsuit with zip up front.

Try practical yet stylish swim separates and zip up styles in your 30s.

Swimwear for women in their 40s


Hitting your forties is all about loving the skin you’re in. It’s a great time in life to enjoy the beauty of your body and the amazing journey you’ve taken as a mother, career woman or simply a health devotee who loves keeping fit with water sports.

You reclaim your confidence, sense of self, and sexiness in your 40s, as you get wise to the world and realise life is too short for societal expectations. Your body is yours and you know you only get one, so you learn to love it and celebrate it. 

A switch from practical to sexy influences your swimsuit choice. Showing a little skin with strapless, off the shoulder and plunging styles is what you're all about. You discover the chic sexiness of the classic one piece as it shows of your gorgeous curves. 

Woman with long brown hair wears Leopard print zip up sleeveless one piece swimsuit. Woman with brown hair wears strapless Sardinia teal and white floral one piece swimsuit with tie waist.

In your 40s, discover the sexiness of a form fitting one piece to shape your body and show off your curves.

Swimwear for women in their 50s


You might want to revisit your wild side in your fifties, and why not?! This decade brings a sense of freedom and new discoveries. You realise that while you're getting older, there is still a long life ahead ready for you to embrace with confidence and enthusiasm. 

Experimenting with colour, prints and different styles is ideal in your 50s. Chances are you're coming out of a menopause haze, or you're in the middle of it. You'll do anything to make yourself feel better, including adding colour and vibrancy to your wardrobe. 

Our plus-size swimwear options are great for mixing it up, so you can add some fun flourishes with a gorgeous print or vibrant colour with modesty and comfort at the same time. 

Woman with blonde bob wears Amalfi Pink boho print bikini top and pant with matching long sleeve rash vest. Blonde woman wears strapless Leopard print twist front bandeau one piece swimsuit.

Play with prints and colours in your 50s and don't be afraid to try new styles that show your personality.

Swimwear for women over 60


While you might continue playing with new trends in your 60s, most women have settled into their signature style and know exactly what looks and feels good to them. Timeless, classic, and tailored aesthetics help highlight your best features as you mature, with elegance and sophistication. 

Coverage becomes a priority as we look for modest styles that offer protection from the elements. Swim dresses, longer swim pants, tankini tops, and rash vests, are all popular choices. Here at Capriosca Swimwear, we understand that women over 60 are still fashionable, so we design our swim separates with modern features in on-trend colours and prints. 

Woman with short blonde hair poses at the beach wearing Acapulco black and white cap sleeve one piece swimsuit. Woman with curly brown hair poses at the beach wearing navy and white dots wide strap swim dress.

When you hit 60 and beyond, look for stylish coverage that shows off your feminine side.


The Capriosca plus-size swimwear range reflects the Australian coastal lifestyle with the added bonus of tummy control, durable fabrics, flattering features and adjustable straps, so contact us today to find your new best beach friend from our beautiful range of designer plus-size swimwear styles.

October 17, 2022