Revealing Swimwear for Summer

Summer is almost here and this year is going to be a scorcher! The beach will be calling and we’ll be spending more time in swimwear. While we love to cover up with a modest swimsuit, it feels liberating to slip into something a little more revealing. The feeling of cool water on bare skin is refreshing on a hot day and showing a little more skin makes us feel confident and free.

Dare to Bare swimwear styles are becoming more popular as we see a shift in body confidence and diversity. Embracing your body as it is right now, and celebrating your unique curves and contours, is empowering and liberating. Rejecting outdated societal expectations can lead to a happier existence free of unnecessary stress and pressure. Plus, you’ll look super hot and sexy!

At Capriosca Swimwear, we cater to women of all ages and stages of life. There is no age limit on wanting to look and feel sexy at the beach or pool. In fact, these spaces are ideal for showing some skin and feeling great in less. No one bats an eyelid at the skin on display at the beach, so if you’ve been wanting to embrace a dare-to-bare look, summer is your time to shine.

Woman with blonde hair wears leopard print high cut cheeky bikini bottoms with matching top

Summer is the perfect time to embrace your curves and show them off in a revealing swimsuit

Why Wear Revealing Swimwear?

Embrace Body Confidence

Revealing swimwear is not limited to a certain size or shape. Swimwear brands, such as Capriosca Swimwear, offer dare to bare styles in inclusive sizes with an emphasis on curvy bodies. A more revealing swimsuit can help you feel better in your own skin and you can begin to embrace your beautiful curves.

We are witnessing a celebration of body diversity in media and advertising as society shifts its obsession with a singular idea of beauty. This includes different bodies of all shapes, sizes, colours, ages, and abilities. It’s becoming easier to find yourself represented online with influencers of all kinds showing you how it can be done.

Empowering Personal Style

If you’ve been wanting to embrace a more revealing look at the beach, consider this your sign to go for it. Not everyone is keen to bare more, but if you feel showing more skin is a reflection of your personal style, then you deserve to know what that feels like. Forget outdated standards of modesty and enjoy the freedom of wearing what makes you feel authentic and liberated.

The more your outer appearance matches your inner personality, the more comfortable you’ll feel in your own skin. Trying a new style of swimsuit is an easy way to embrace your personal style. There is no risk to being yourself on a beach full of strangers, wearing exactly what you want. It’s the perfect time and place to try something that’s true to you.

Woman with red hair wears pastel floral bikini top and tie side pants

Enjoy the freedom of wearing what your want to show off your authentic self

Dare to Bare Swimwear Styles

At Capriosca Swimwear, we offer a range of swimsuit styles that show a little more skin. While there are plenty of brands offering barely there swimwear, our collection is true to our customer with more of a beginner approach to revealing more. You’ll find swimsuits with plunging necklines and low backs, shoulder baring styles and cheeky cut bottoms. A bikini can be a big step for some, and our collection offers something for everyone.


A bikini is the easiest way to show a little more skin with your mid section on display no matter what style you choose. If you want maximum exposure, a triangle top and cheeky cut pant will let you show off your assets in a sexy and playful way. Bare shoulders can be alluring and daring, so show them off with a strapless or off the shoulder bikini top. Take the plunge with a tie front bikini top that reveals your gorgeous cleavage.

Bottoms have been in the spotlight in recent years, with more accessible designs for fuller booties. High cut, cheeky, and tie side bikini bottoms are fabulous for showing off all shapes and sizes. Not only do they showcase your body in a flattering and sexy way, they feel comfortable and fabulous to wear.


woman with blonde hair wears pale pink floral strapless bikini top and high waist pant. Woman with brown hair wears navy and white polka dot bikini top and tie side pant

Woman with long brown hair wears black triangle bikini top and high waist pants. Woman with long brown hair wears black and floral off the shoulder bikini top and high waist pant

Bikinis are the easiest way to bare a little more skin at the beach or pool

Strapless Swimsuits

Baring your shoulders and decolletage is a chic and sophisticated way to show more skin. A strapless or off the shoulder style swimsuit allows you to feel sexy without revealing too much. Not only that, but you prevent strap marks and tan lines. Win Win!

Our most loved one piece is the twist front bandeau. This stunning swimsuit allows you to customise your look with removable straps. Your shoulders are on display and your curves are supported. The form fitting swimsuit shows off your silhouette beautifully, giving you the confidence to hit the beach in style.


Woman with blonde hair lies on a pool diving board wearing metallic blue strapless one piece

Woman with long brown hair wears pink metallic strapless one piece. Woman with blonde hair wears light pink floral strapless one piece

Show off your sexy shoulders with a strapless bandeau style swimsuit

Plunging Necklines 

Take the plunge and show off your stunning cleavage with a low cut, V neck one piece. The waist tie one piece features a plunging V neck that showcases your assets in a chic and stylish way. Not only is it revealing at the front, but it also features a low, scoop back. The low back along with waist detail, accentuate your curves and show off your waistline.


Woman with long light brown hair wears navy deep v neck plunging one piece

Woman wears white and floral deep plunge v neck one piece.

Take the plunge with a deep V neckline or low cut scoop back

Zip Up One Pieces

If you want to move between modest and revealing, a versatile zip up swimsuit allows to change up your look. These supportive swimsuits feature a zip to the waist that can be worn at any position. Zip it all the way up for when you need sun protection and modesty, and let it down for those moments you want to show some fabulous cleavage.


Woman with blonde hair wears black and floral zip up frill sleeve one piece. Woman with red hair wears black sleeveless zip up one piece

A zip up swimsuit is the ideal way to choose when to show a little or a lot 

Want to wear a bikini this summer? Find out how you can rock a two piece with confidence by finding the right style for you.
October 18, 2023