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September 06, 2021 4 min read

If you suffer from bloating, you’re not alone. Most people have experienced abdominal bloating at some time in their lives and many live with it constantly.

There are several causes with the most common including constipation, hormones, excess gas, eating too much and, in some cases, it could be a serious condition such as irritable bowel syndrome.

Regardless of what is causing your belly to bloat, we can at least help you find a bikini to look and feel good in when your body just doesn’t want to behave.



Prints and Texture

One of the easiest and fun ways to feel better when you’re bloated is with a pretty print or textured fabric. Prints and texture create an optical illusion that takes the attention away from your belly, disguising any unwanted lumps and bumps.

At Capriosca Swimwear we choose our prints carefully so that they work for all shapes and sizes. We choose the correct scale of our prints so that they suit our swimsuit designs as well as the women wearing them.

Let your printed bikini do all the work for you when you’re bloated, so you can just sit back looking and feeling fabulous.

Textured fabric is another way to diffuse the look of a bloated tummy by creating visual interest by drawing attention away from your belly. If you’re not into prints, a textured fabric is the best way to wear a solid colour when you’re bloated.

Leopard Ruched Skirted Pant and Crop Wrap Top

Leopard Ruched Skirted Pant and Crop Wrap Top


High Waisted Bikini

Of course, it’s not all about the fabric, with clever swimwear design playing a major role in minimising the effects of bloating. The most obvious and effective way to achieve this is with a high waisted pant.

Our classic high waisted pant is a beautifully designed swim bottom that supports the lower belly with Power Mesh lining and generous coverage. We offer this style in almost all our printed and block colour collections.

You can pair these fabulous tummy control swim pants with a cute bikini or a tankini top for more coverage. They’ll make you feel supported through the lower belly while the cinched in high waistline creates beautiful curves.

Santorini Blue High Waisted Pant and Underwire Bikini Top

Santorini Blue High Waisted Pant and Underwire Bikini Top


Swimwear styles that feature gathering across the belly are ideal when you’re experiencing bloating. Combining a high waist with ruching offers support, shaping, and camouflage for your bloated belly.

Channelling a vintage, retro vibe, our skirted high waisted pants are a favourite for women who feel self-conscious about their bloating but still want to rock a cute bikini.

We bring together all our best tummy control elements in these gorgeous bikini bottoms. High waisted, ruched skirted front, adjustable waistband, in eye-catching prints – it doesn’t get better than that for disguising belly bloat.

If you like to keep your look chic and sophisticated with classic black swim separates, then why not try the Belly Pant. This cleverly designed swim bottom gives you the sleek silhouette of our classic high waisted pant, but with the addition of ruching across the front.

The gathered fabric sits snug against the body but can stretch out over a bloated tummy or even a baby bump. Pair it with a simple black bikini top for a timeless look that will have you looking chic and stylish at the beach or by the pool. Only you will know that you’re having a bloat moment.

Navy and White Dots Ruched Skirted Pant and Bandeau Bikini Top

Navy and White Dots Ruched Skirted Pant and Bandeau Bikini Top


Swim Skirts

If you don’t like the idea of form fitting bikini pants while you’re feeling bloated, consider a swim skirt. These cute and feminine swim separates fall from the waist, completely disguising your lower tummy.

Cut in an A-line, a swim skirt, like our Skater Skirt, flares out from the waistline, skimming over the belly, hips, and bottom, to create a full coverage option that is feminine and flattering.

Choose to wear your skirt over a bikini, showing a little bit of midriff, or a one piece for extra coverage. We love this style worn with a cute retro inspired wrap top in a print with a black base.



If you want to draw attention away from your lower half, the best way to go about it is to guide the eye upwards. How? With an eye-catching bikini top in a colour or print that pops!

Frills and ruffles are the best way to command attention, creating visual interest and volume to your top half. Combined with a pretty print, you’ll take away any unwanted attention from your bloated belly, making it all about your fun top.

Corsica Double Frill Bikini Top and High Waisted Pant

Corsica Double Frill Bikini Top and High Waisted Pant



If you just can’t bring yourself to wear a bikini when you’re bloated and you’d prefer a little more coverage, a tankini offers you an alternative two-piece solution.

There are endless options for tankini styles to suit every size and shape, especially here at Capriosca Swimwear. We suggest pairing your swim top with a high waisted pant. This will allow you to feel supported and secure in your swimsuit while you’re experiencing bloat.

Acapulco Black Peplum Tankini Top

Acapulco Black Peplum Tankini Top


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