You can tell when diet culture is bored and craving attention, it invents a new body part that it thinks we need to start hating. Diet culture loves to pick apart women's bodies and profit off our insecurities.

Lucky for us, there are body positive champions and logical thinkers out there who know how to spot a perceived "flaw" and shut that ridiculous nonsense down. So, what's the latest attack on women's bodies (since we've all moved on from thigh gaps)? Hip dips!

What's a Hip Dip?

Hip dips are are indentations just below our hip bones that are caused by the structure of our skeleton. They have nothing to do with our size, weight, fitness level or muscle mass. They exist because of how our bones are structured and almost everyone has them to varying degrees.

These naturally occurring hip dents have always existed but we've been blissfully unaware until diet culture needed us to hate ourselves for something new. 

Brunette model standing in a shallow pool wearing a pink patterned bikini

Kaitlyn looking gorgeous in our Amalfi Pink Underwire Bikini Top and High Cut Pant.

Are Hip Dips Good or Bad? 

Well, they're certainly not bad. Something that occurs naturally on our bodies because of our bone structure, that we cannot change, is not bad. It just is. We've accepted these little indents for years without issue, so surely we can continue on with our lives perfectly content with our hip dips. 

There is no way to get rid of them, exercise or diet them away. Similar to dimples, they are a natural part of us, and quite frankly, they look pretty cute. If you come across a fitness influencer or diet brand referring to hip dips in a negative way, unfollow and keep scrolling. You don't need those impossible beauty standards in your life. 

Marg showing off her curves in our Leopard Underwire Bikini Top and High Cut Pant

Influencers and Models with Hip Dips

There are a plethora of online beauties with hip dips as well positive role models calling out this unnecessary new obsession. One of our favourite body positivity influencers is Danae Mercer. Her Instagram account is eye opening and educational when it comes to what we see online. She exposes the tricks and techniques used by models and influencers to present the "perfect" body. 

With one small move she goes from having noticeable, naturally occurring hip dips to rounded, indent free curves. If you are ever feeling down about your body and need to gain some perspective on what is real, normal, and above all, beautiful, take a scroll through Danae's Instagram feed and learn to love yourself again.

Body Positivity Influencer, Danae Mercer

Flattering Bikinis for Hip Dips

So, how do you wear bikinis with hip dips? It's easy. You simply find a bikini you like and wear it! Unless you are standing perfectly still and straight, your body will change with your movements, so pose in front of the mirror in your new bikini and notice the way your curves move and change. 

If you still can't appreciate the way your body looks and you feel the need to minimise the appearance of your hip dips, there are some flattering bikini options and styling tips to help you achieve this. 

When you are trying to smooth out indentations or little lumps and bumps, prints will always be your best option. They command all of the attention, taking the focus away from your silhouette and diffusing the appearance of little curves. Our high waisted pant is a fabulous style that hugs the hips and comes in a range of beautiful prints. Or try a ruched, skirted style where the gathered fabric will disguise your hip dips by blending them in with the ruching. 

You can also draw attention away from your hips with an attention grabbing bikini top. Try a frilled bikini top in pretty print that draws attention to your upper body and away from your hips. Whether you're after a bikini for big hips and thighs or you want to take the attention away from your hip dips, you'll find something to love in our collection of bikini separates. 

Beautiful Brooke in our Positano White Crop Wrap Top and Ruched Skirted Pant

Loving Your Hip Dips

Knowing that hip dips are naturally occurring, completely normal and ever so common, will hopefully help you learn to love them, or at least accept them. Keep in mind that the images you see of beautiful women online and in magazines have been carefully posed, styled and potentially edited.

If you're following an influencer or model who makes you feel bad about yourself, the best thing you can do is unfollow them and go find someone who is presenting themselves in an honest and authentic way instead. Find someone who is loving their hip dips and learn from them. Then show them off in a fabulous new bikini!


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July 23, 2021