Is it time to buy a new swimsuit?

A swimsuit is an essential wardrobe item. Like any other clothing item, swimwear needs to fit well, look good, and be in good condition for us to feel confident enough to wear it. There are several tell tale signs that the swimsuit you have has gone past its best. 

Let us take you through the 10 signs to look out for to know when it's time to update your swimsuit. 


Colour fading

A tell tale sign that you need a new swimsuit is the colour fading. Even the highest quality swim fabric will eventually begin to fade if worn frequently or in chlorinated pools. If your black has turned grey, your whites yellow, or your colours are no longer vibrant, you might want to consider new swimmers.

If you wear your swimsuit in public pools or heated spas, it is essential to choose swimwear made from chlorine resistant fabric. Browse our collection of pool friendly swimsuits to prevent your swimwear from fading prematurely. 

Woman poses by the pool wearing navy and white dots chlorine resistant tankini top and high waisted pant

To prevent fading and damage to your swimsuit when swimming in pools, choose chlorine resistant swimwear.

Loose Elastic

If your swimsuit is starting to gape around the leg or if it no longer hugs your body, the elastic might be disintegrating. Spandex, Lycra, and other elastic fibres, will wear out over time, destroying the structural integrity of your swimsuit. Swimsuit fabric is delicate and needs to be cared for correctly.

For tips on how to best care for your swimwear, read our informative blog. 

blonde woman leaning against a white wall wearing a black lace up one piece swimsuit

Treat your swimwear delicately so it maintains its shape for longer

No support in the bust

Stretched straps and loose elastic will result in less support for your bust. Worn out elastic fibres in your swimwear fabric will loosen your swimsuit all over, including shelf bras and straps. These parts are usually the last areas to lose their structural support, so if they have stretched out, it’s definitely time for a new swimsuit.

Shop for supportive swimsuit for your bust from our underwire swimwear collection

brunette woman poses at the beach wearing Positano Black underwire swim dress

Choose an underwire swimsuit for the ultimate bust support

No longer comfortable

If you find yourself pulling at your swimsuit to get it sit right on your body, you might want to upgrade. Sagging fabric, stretched out straps, gaping leg holes or worn out lining, will make your swimsuit feel uncomfortable, signally that it’s time to go shopping.

Brunette woman poses against a white wall wearing Leopard print underwire bikini top and high waisted pant.

Your swimsuit needs to feel comfortable as well as look good

Fabric is pilling

Swimwear fabric is prone to pilling after a while, especially if it’s not cared for properly or if it’s come in contact with a rough surface. You can remove occasional pilling with a fabric shaving device, but if it is accompanied by loose or fading, it might be time for a new swimsuit.  

You can find an affordable de-pilling machine online. 

Blonde woman poses on the sand dunes wearing Acapulco black and white criss cross one piece swimsuit

Keep your swimsuit looking good by avoiding rough and abrasive surfaces

It falls down

Strapless swimsuits are only worth wearing if they stay up. If your bandeau swimsuit has lost the will to stay up and you find yourself tugging at the neckline to keep from flashing, you need a new swimsuit. Grip tape can withstand quite a lot of wear, but like anything, it will lose its ability to stay put after a while.

We specialise in supportive strapless swimwear that actually stays up!

Brunette woman poses lying down wearing Pink Bloom twist front bandeau strapless one piece swimsuit

If your strapless swimsuit no longer stays up, it's time to treat yourself to a new one.

Hardware is broken or no longer working

Zips, hooks, eyelets, and any other functional or fashion detail, are only good when they work. Whether plastic or metal, hardware is generally the last thing to go on your swimsuit but it can be quickly destroyed if not cared for properly. Never put your swimsuit in the washing machine or dryer, as hooks and zips can get caught and break easily.

 Brunette woman leaning against a white wall by the beach, wearing Navy and white dots zip front frill sleeve one piece swimsuit

Choose an underwire swimsuit for the ultimate bust support

You don't like the way it looks

You don’t have to wait until your swimsuit falls apart to treat yourself to a new one. If, when you put your swimsuit on, you just don’t like the style or how it looks, then you don’t need to persevere with it. Swimwear is fashion, and fashion trends change. If your swimsuit looks outdated or you’re just over it, it’s time to get shopping.

Read our blogs to keep up to date with the latest swimwear trends.

Blonde woman poses by a white fence wearing a black frill off the shoulder bikini top and high waisted cheeky cut pant

You need to like your swimwear to feel good in it. Update your swimsuit if you no longer like the way it looks.

You no longer feel confident

Swimwear is a small and revealing clothing item, baring more skin than anything else we wear in public. You need confidence to step out in a swimsuit, so if you don’t feel 100% in the one you have, try a new style that makes you feel a million dollars.

brunette woman poses at the beach wearing navy and white dots wide strap chlorine resistant swim dress swimsuit

Not feeling confident? Why not try a brand new style of swimsuit?

You want to buy a new style

Guess what? You can have more than one swimsuit in your wardrobe. In fact, if you’re anything like us, you can have a whole drawer full. If you’ve seen something you love that you know you’ll feel fantastic in, just buy it! There’s no need for your current swimsuit to fall apart for you to treat yourself to a brand new pair.


June 01, 2022