What's in store for swimwear in 2022

2022 is an exciting year for fashion. The world is done with hibernating in neutrals and is ready to burst out in full colour and frivolous style. Swimwear is no different. The swimwear print and colour trends for 2022 include exciting options for every taste, from classic to extra!

Here at Capriosca Swimwear we have listened to both style forecasters and our savvy customers. Our swimwear collections for 2022 include colours and prints that we know our customers will love to wear. From romantic watercolour florals to rich metallic jewel tones, classic monochrome, and everything in between.

Take a sneak peek behind the design desk to see what we're excited to wear on the beach this year.


Florals are always in style. With a plethora of flowery prints to choose from, we have selected a range of feminine designs to suit almost everyone.

Our first collection of 2022 sees a return to romantic colours and shapes with a wonderfully feminine print in our best selling styles. Pink Bloom is a beautiful floral combining pinks and reds in a soft wash of delicate petals and foliage.

In March we introduce our take on the ditzy print with Navy Floral. The ink base colour sets the scene for lilac and white cottage garden blooms. This stunning print is fresh, classic, and lots of fun to wear.

The florals won’t be slowing down as the year progresses. Get excited about bold abstract blooms and graphic, stylised florals in stronger colour palettes. Elegant floral displays will hit later in the year as we prepare for high summer.

Brunette model wears Navy Floral frill sleeve one piece swimsuit

Variations on the ditsy print include our stunning Navy Floral


Softer interpretations of tropical prints are on trend this year. Rather than obvious palm frond prints in predictable hues, we are delivering a subtle pattern in soft pastel shades.

Lilac Florence is an impossibly beautiful print with a hint of tropical inspiration in unexpected colours. A dusty lilac base allows the gentle pops of white and pink to delicately dance across the fabric and wrap around the body.

This is not your usual tropical print, but a stunning display of colour and print combining to create something breathtaking and beautiful.

Brunette model wears Lilac Florence 3 tier tankini top and high waisted pant

The tropical print takes a subtle and feminine turn with Lilac Florence


Metallic fabrics continue to be a huge trend in swimwear for 2022. Metallic fabrics highlight block colours and bring them to life. Our next metallic is a delicious deep teal which is a sophisticated hue that suits most skin tones.


Textured fabrics have had quite the time in swimwear over the past few years. The resurgence of 80s and 90s textures shows no signs of slowing down. Ribbing, bubbles, shirring, and embossed fabrics add a multi-dimensional element to plain colours and prints alike.

Here at Capriosca Swimwear we have continued our subtle and sophisticated approach to textured fabrics with our popular Acapulco collection. With our Black and White Acapulco range establishing itself as a staple collection, we are introducing a new colour in the stunning embossed fabric.

Look out for a fresh new textured swim collection in one of the year’s hottest shades of green.


The colours of 2022 are as varied as the women who choose them. Classic colours like white, black, and navy are always on trend and available in our print and plain collections. You’ll see these chic shades pop up in new and unexpected ways this year.

Green is a huge colour trend in fashion this year. From mint to deep teal, variations of green are everywhere, including swim. Blues always feature in swimwear with this year’s offering a mix of brights, dark inky tones, and fresh aquatic shades.

Pinks and reds feature in subtle prints while pastels make a welcome return. Whatever your preferred colour palette, Capriosca Swimwear has made every effort to delivery on trend and popular shades you’re sure to love.

Brunette model poses by the pool wearing Pink Bloom crop wrap top and high waisted pant

Colour palettes range from soft romantic hues to bold black and white

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March 01, 2022