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November 05, 2018 2 min read

When it comes to your pregnancy, you want to be as comfortable as possible. Luckily for you, we make the best maternity swimwear designed with you in mind. You are going to need and want specific features for your swimwear and we have kept this in mind when creating the perfect maternity swimsuit for you.

Choosing the perfect maternity swimwear

Navy and White Polka Dots Swing Tankini Top

The right size for your growing body

During your pregnancy, you will grow, duh. That belly will be getting bigger and bigger. You will want some swimwear if you plan on going to the beach at that time so luckily for you we go up to a size 30! Not only do we go up to larger sizes but we also offer features such as power mesh and removable straps for maximum comfort. Some would say we are the best maternity swimwear for larger busts too!

Our Bandeau styles are perfect for growing busts and bellies. This gorgeous style can be worn with or without straps and features a shelf bra for comfortable bust support.  A similar style in the bust region is our swing tankini which can accommodate a big, beautiful belly. The 3 tier tankini style can be great if you want to be more discreet about your bump. Perfect for every stage of your pregnancy.

All of these styles are perfect for wearing after your baby is born, offering support and coverage where you need it most. 

Turquoise Snake 3 Tier Ruffle Tankini Top

Post pregnancy swimwear

Post pregnancy you will likely be breastfeeding. If you go to the beach or by the pool, your bub might get a bit hungry leaving you looking for the perfect solution. Luckily for you, our maternity swimwear range offers swimsuits with a zip down the bust so you can easily feed your baby without changing.

Our bandeau styles are also great for breastfeeding with easy to remove straps. 

Navy and White Polka Dots Frill Sleeve One Piece

Swimwear for active mums

Finally, you will have swimming lessons when your bub is old enough to start swimming. This means you will want chlorine resistant swimwear and something that won’t fall down when your baby is crawling all over you. We offer the best swimsuits for swimming as they are chlorine resistant and high neck. Solving both issues.

Try a sleeved option for sun protection, warmth and comfort. We offer zip up styles in cap sleeve, 3/4 and full length long sleeves. Or simply add a rash vest to your favourite swimsuit. 

Turquoise Snake Long Sleeve Zip Up One Piece

Our maternity swimwear range has a lot to offer for each stage you will go through. No matter what stage or needs you may have, we will have something for you. Make sure you check out our maternity swimwear online today or send us a message so we can get you the perfect swimsuit.

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