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May 15, 2019 3 min read

Pack for the perfect European Holiday 

Packing for the perfect European holiday has now become easier than ever. With swimsuits to fit all shapes and sizes, you can’t go wrong when shopping with Curvy Swimwear. Get that perfect tan and feel supported all day long as you rock a swimsuit that looks and feels great. But we don’t just need swimwear when packing for a Euro summer, we need the perfect wardrobe!

Adrift clothing is a brand that has something to offer every curvy woman as she jets off to Europe. Now you can have the perfect swimwear as well as a wardrobe to spend each day and night looking and feeling your best. It can be hard to find something that fits, let alone something you feel looks great on as well. Your prayers have been answered as we want to tell you why your suitcase will now be filled with everything you need for the perfect holiday.

We love seeing all of the women's empowering brands out there in the Australian market. With so many women looking for the perfect fit, it can be hard to find something that not only looks good but feels good too. Adrift clothing is a fun and functional clothing brand based in Brisbane, Australia. With styles and designs to suit every shape, they work hard to ensure that the modern day women are able to look and feel great every day.

Packing the perfect clothing for your holiday:

Created in 2012, Adrift was made to ensure that the modern woman can rock bright prints feeling comfortable and supported in these easy to wear pieces for all sizes. With a big idea and a great fashion sense, Adrift soon took off dominating the market for women's clothing.

With all different types of clothing, you can find something to love when shopping online with Adrift. They offer tops, dresses, kaftans, bottoms, outerwear, basics, slips. camis even accessories! Offering more than the usual online retailers, it is no wonder why you need them in your suitcase.

These items are going to keep you covered and confident all day long as you spend your days sipping cold drinks and sightseeing. You can have the perfect night time outfit, to activewear and the perfect swimsuit for taking a nice dip in the ocean. With swimwear that rocks and clothing that flatters, we really have all you need for the perfect holiday away.

Supporting all women:

We feel like Curvy Swimwear and Adrift are brands that work hard to ensure that we are embracing the modern day women. Showing women of all shapes and sizes that it is not hard to look and feel great as there are swimwear and clothing out there for them. With great clothing options such as slips, your Euro travelling has now become even easier. Simply slip your slip under your dress and feel comfortable all day and night. What’s more, it is easy to pack in your bag as you head off on your next overseas holiday.

It can be hard to even find items such as slips and camis in a size that will fit everyone. Luckily for you, Adrift offer sizing from a 2XL - 4XL so that every lady has the opportunity to feel comfortable as they head out and about. With sizes starting at a small, you can find sizes up to a 4XL on particular items, something that is rare in your common retailers.

With international shipping offered by both websites, we want you to be able to enjoy your next summer holiday to the max. Find all of the swimwear that you need on our online store, and then head over to Adrift to find all of the clothing you will want and love. Furthermore, Adrift and Curvy Swimwear ship internationally so women all over the World are able to shop these stunning and functional ranges. 
Offering something for every lady no matter what her style needs are, Adrift works hard to ensure that women can get out and about feeling and looking great. We love working with brands that share that same goal as we do. To make all women no matter what the size or shape to be able to shop online for things that they love. Clothing and swimwear can be hard to shop for on the best day, we want to make it easier for you and ensure that you have everything you need when packing for your next European holiday away.
Head online to check out there awesome Adrift Instagram at @adriftclothing

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