We had the lovely Chanel answer a few of our questions about her life as a plus size model and our recent shoot in Fiji. We hope that you enjoy this quick interview with the amazing Chanel!

1. How did it feel to shoot in Fiji?

It was an absolute honour to be in Fiji, especially because it was my first time to be flown overseas for a modelling job. I had to pinch myself & count my blessings to know that this brand saw something in me & gave me this unreal opportunity. At that moment I wanted to enjoy every part of this amazing experience & I did just that. I loved when the Fijian boys took us out on a speed boat, I was holding on so tight to the rail feeling the biggest adrenalin rush hitting through the waves & then to find myself on this remote little island it was magical, crystal clear waters, white sand, beautiful palm trees everywhere, I was in absolute paradise!

2. Can you tell us about some of the feedback you’ve been getting from the shoot?

I’ve been receiving so much positive feedback. It’s so humbling to hear & read comments saying you look so beautiful in the pictures from Fiji. They tell me its so nice to see a real woman embracing her natural self. It shows others that true beauty comes in all shapes & sizes & so may people out there can relate to you.

3. What was your favourite swimsuit and why?

My favourite swimsuit would have to be the Classique Retro One Piece Swimsuit. It was super comfy & supportive. I love how it looks like a mini dress, I felt super sexy in it. I love black as it is super flattering & goes with everything. Also another favourite of mine is the Black Criss Cross One Piece Swimsuit. I love the criss cross feature around my waist as it helps accentuate my hourglass figure.

4. What’s the biggest misconception about being a curvy model that you’d like to clear up?

The biggest misconception that I would like to clear up is that us curve models are not healthy!!! Just because I have extra meat on me does not mean I’m not healthy. Speaking on behalf of myself I have had all my bloods tested & my results are perfectly healthy. I eat a balanced diet & enjoy a treat when I feel like it. I exercise with my PT trainer Lisa & enjoy doing the occasional cardio & strength training class. I’m happy because my body functions & I embrace what I have. I love my extra meat, thick thighs & hips. It keeps me warm, it protects me, I’m cuddly, and it gives me shape. Best of all I’m able to enjoy living my day-to-day life comfortable because I’m strong & healthy.

5. How did you come to embrace your natural body?

I came to embrace my natural body after years of modelling. The industry is finally changing & we are seeing more curvy girls in social media & marketing. It helped me except that we are all beautiful no matter what size we are. Its so nice to see other girls embrace there bodies without getting photo shopped showing their true selves & it’s ok if you have stretch marks & cellulite as so many other women have that too. I look up to these strong courageous women because I see how confident & sexy they are it helped give me more strength to be the same.

6. What message do you hope to send to other women?

The message I hope to send to other women is to look within themselves & mentally change a negative pattern of self doubt to a positive. It all starts with the power of the mind, once we start excepting that there is no such thing as perfect, we can then focus on excepting who we are & embracing what we have rather than hiding away worrying about what other people think. If we believe in ourselves, no ones opinion matters. It’s our BODY, it’s our TEMPLE, we need to RESPECT it, PROTECT it, NOURISH it, LOVE it & OWN it!

7. Have you heard from any women who have felt inspired by you?

Yes, I have heard from other women that have felt inspired by me & it’s truly humbling. One of the comments is as follows; “I am a huge fan of how amazing & confident you are within yourself. You have made me be able to see that even though I’m not your typical size that there is still beauty regardless. So thank you so very much.” It’s very rewarding knowing that you can make a difference & help others believe in themselves.

8. And what is next for you?

I have endless amounts of goals & dreams regarding my modelling & hair/makeup career but for me right now I would like to get married to my fiancé in Santorini, Greece. We are also about to start building our first home together which is super exciting.

Plus Size Model, Chanel

October 19, 2017