Post-Mastectomy Swimwear

Finding the perfect swimwear after a mastectomy can be a challenging journey, but it doesn't have to be. Post-mastectomy swimwear is designed to offer both style and functionality, allowing women to feel confident and comfortable at the beach or pool.

With specialised features such as built-in pockets for prostheses, high quality fabrics, and flattering designs, these swimsuits cater to the unique needs of women who have undergone a mastectomy.

In this blog, we will explore the benefits of post-mastectomy swimwear, key features to look for, and some stylish options that will help you feel your best. 

Woman with long hair poses next to the pool wearing a pink sleeveless zip up one piece

Yes, it is possible to find post mastectomy swimwear that looks great and feels amazing!

Benefits of Post Mastectomy Swimwear

Whether you choose to wear prostheses or go without, post mastectomy swimwear can give you the confidence to get out and enjoy the water. The right swimsuit will look great and feel comfortable, offering support and coverage where you need it. 

Post mastectomy swimming costumes allow you to take part in fun activities with friends and family. There's no reason to sit on the side lines while everyone else creates memorable moments together. There is definitely life after a mastectomy and the right swimsuit can help you live it to the full. 

2 women wear post mastectomy swimsuits to wear with and without prostheses

Whether you wear prosthetics or not, there is a post mastectomy swimsuit for every silhouette

Key Features of Mastectomy Swimwear

Many women post mastectomy, are looking for swimwear that fits comfortably across the chest and covers any surgery scars. High neck styles and those that fit high under the arms are most popular for this need.

Swim styles that offer support for breasts or prosthetics are also highly sought after. Swimsuits with adjustable straps are ideal for customising bust and prosthetic support. Structured zip front styles are also great for keeping prosthetics in place and providing coverage. 

Swimsuits for Prostheses

A post mastectomy swimsuit that you can wear with your prosthetics will include built-in pockets. Swimsuits with removeable bra pads and either a supportive shelf-bra or underwire, will help keep your prosthetics in place. 

Swimsuits with Mastectomy Pouches. These styles feature removeable bra cups that can either be left in or taken out to make room for your prosthetics.

  • All Underwire Styles 
  • Sleeveless Zip Up One Piece
  • Shirred One Piece
  • Wide Strap Swim Dress
  • Criss Cross One Piece
  • Luxe Sport Zip Up Tankini Top


6 images of women wearing different styles of swimsuits that can be worn with prosthetics post mastectomy

Swimwear with mastectomy pouches are perfect if you prefer to wear a prosthetic

Swimwear to Wear Without Prostheses

If you don't want to wear prosthetics, and prefer to keep your chest under wraps, you can go for a swimsuit with coverage. Try a ruffled, criss cross, or flouncy style that conceals your bust area. These styles feature a shelf bra and soft cups to give a little a shape and coverage. 

  • 3 Tier Styles
  • Criss Cross One Piece
  • Flouncy Styles
  • Long Frill V Neck One Piece
  • Frill Bikini Top
  • One Shoulder 
  • Sleeveless Zip Up Styles
6 images of women wearing different swimsuits suitable for post mastectomy without prosthetics

These swimsuits will help you look and feel confident without prosthetics

Post Mastectomy Exercise 

If you are wearing your swimsuit for swimming or hydrotherapy, it is essential that you choose chlorine resistant fabrics. Public pools and heated spas can damage regular swim fabric, so be sure to select a style that is resistant to chlorine. 

  • Sleeveless Zip Up One Piece
  • Zip Up Tankini Top 
  • Crossover One Piece
  • Wide Strap Swim Dress
  • Underwire Styles
  • 3 Tier Tankini Top


6 images of women wearing post mastectomy chlorine resistant swimsuits

Keep your swimsuit looking its best by choosing a chlorine resistant style for post mastectomy exercise

Swim Separates You'll Love 

Post-mastectomy swimming is all about feeling confident and comfortable without compromising your style. Swim separates are a worthwhile consideration for your post-mastectomy wardrobe. 

Rash Vests are a fabulous addition. Not only do they offer sun protection for the back and shoulders but they give that little extra coverage if you are feeling self-conscious. 

You may initially feel a little over-exposed after surgery. It takes time to get used to your new silhouette and you might appreciate covering up. A swim skirt or shorts are practical and stylish ways to show a little less skin. 

Lastly, a stylish beach cover-up will have you feeling fabulous when you're out of the water. If you do wish to stay covered up while swimming, a mesh kaftan or skirt are able to get wet and dry quickly. 


Woman wears different styles of beach coverups

Cover up in style with a beach kaftan, shirt or skirt to wear over your swimsuit

Learn more about high neck swimwear and find a style that works for you.  

June 26, 2024