Chlorine Resistant Black Racer Back One Piece

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Chlorine Resistant Black Racer Back One Piece Swimwear

The Chlorine Resistant Black Racer Back One Piece Swimsuit screams sporty and active swimwear for the beach or pool. This active style is available in solid black for a classic one piece colour perfect for any woman to add to her swimwear collection.

This one piece bathing suit is ideal for any woman who enjoys playing water sports whether it’s at the pool or beach. This bather has built-in features to help aid your performance and to help create a stronger endurance so you can move, compete and play at the level you need.

In additional to being an excellent sport swimwear, this bather is also a stylish and trendy piece. The bather features a rounded neckline for modest coverage and to help keep your bust secure all day long. The bust of this bathing suit has underwire cups for a comfortable and reinforced fit all day long. The bather’s straps continue from the front into the back to create a triangle shape and a chic design.

The bathing suit’s torso has a sleek look with smooth fabric and no added lines continuing with the classic one piece look. The front of the bathing suit has an added material layer in black to help create a structured and sleek appearance. The bather has a smooth look all around and highlights the solid black colour of the swimwear.

The back of the bather has a large cut out for a sporty feature to help you gain endurance to move faster by getting air to circulate quicker for when you’re completing in any sport or activity. The bather bottom’s are a classic style for added flexibility in movement for added performance for any sport or water activity.

This fun twist on a traditional one piece bathers is sure to be a new favourite for any woman with an energetic and upbeat lifestyle. This trendy swimwear is stylish choice to wear during a summertime event or holiday. The chlorine resistant fabric makes this swimwear durable and will last longer in your closet.

This curvy bathing suit is fabricated with 82% nylon and 18% spandex fabric to ensure the swimsuit embraces your body’s curves with comfort.

The Chlorine Resistant Black Racer Back One Piece swimsuit is available in sizes 10-22.


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