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Swim dresses are the ultimate in tummy control, flattering those tricky features and are in style this season! Picking a swimdress is like shopping for dresses – you want to select a style that complements your body figure so that your silhouette will look more proportional giving you curves on all of the right places!

Pear body (prominent hips/butt/thighs): You need to draw attention away from your curvy bottom by wearing a swimsuit with minimal details around the bottom and interest on top (waist and up). You’ll also benefit from rounder necklines and strapless bathing suits.

Inverted Triangle body (prominent shoulders): You’ll look best in wide straps – because thin straps will only make your wide shoulder look bigger in comparison. Your body figure will also benefit from swim dresses with interest around the hips such as ruffles, skirts or a print.

Apple body (prominent chest and mid-riff): Since your bust, chest and mid-riff are the most prominent, you need bathing suits that draw attention away from this area add more curves around the hips. You and inverted triangle body shape share some of the clothing guidelines – but your widest body point is lower on your body shape, which means you need swimsuit that adds interest lower on your body figure. Look for details that camouflage your waist (eg. ruching) and keep bust support in mind.
Rectangle body (little or no waist definition): You need more curves on top and bottom so that you waist looks slimmer. Think ruffles, pleats, and prints – any frilly details will do. Just make sure to keep the details on your waistline minimal or opt for details that help slim this area down.

Hourglass body (slim waist, proportional upper and lower body): Since you have the ideal body shape with good body proportions, you’re freer to experiment with various swim dress styles. But it completely depends on the “problem areas” you’re self-conscious about – and if you want to accentuate your slim waist or slim down on your hourglass body figure. I think belted and V-neck swimdresses will look amazing on you.

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