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When it’s hot and muggy outside and you know that the traffic to the beach is going to be madness, sometimes just hanging by the pool is much nicer than battling for a patch of sand. We love having our friends and family around by the pool during summer and so we decided to give you a few tips on poolside entertaining so you can feel comfortable with everyone over to your home over summer. 

  1. Sunscreen: Everyone will be enjoying the heat and sometimes when you are by the BBQ or in the water you forget that the sun is burning you. Having a bottle of sunscreen around for everyone to use is going to save you from a lot of burnt faces later! 
  1. BBQ: Nothing is easier than standing around in your swimsuit outside, in the sun and cooking some sausages for a quick and easy lunch. Having a BBQ around is going to be great to stay outside with everyone, even soaking wet rather than hiding away in the kitchen. Perfect for poolside entertaining.
  1. Citronella candles: MOZZIES! They are just everywhere in summer and looking to annoy you. Having these candles will deter the bugs and mozzies from bothering you while you relax and enjoy your time outside. 
  1. Outdoor lighting: Summer means long days and long nights. The days soon turn into night as you stay by the pool, eating, drinking and conversing. Having good outdoor lighting will make it easier to see all that is going on outside. 
  1. Bluetooth speaker: Having your phone outside and some music will definitely create a better atmosphere by the pool. When power points outside are in short supply, a Bluetooth speaker allows you to relax poolside with awesome tunes. 
  1. Umbrella: Whether it is put next to the pool chairs or over the outdoor table, having an umbrella outside helps those looking to hide from the sun during the day without having to go inside. 
  1. An eski:  Having an eski means you can keep your drinks and food nice and cold while spending your time by the pool. 
  1. Swimsuit tip: Make sure you have a chlorine resistant swimsuit for the swimming pool and that when you finish swimming to rinse it off in cold water. Once you rinse it off, hang your swimsuit in the shade to dry so you can prologue the life of your swimsuit.

We hope that as December approaches that you enjoy the sun and the heat. Poolside entertaining can be easy with these little tips and tricks in mind for everyone looking to enjoy summer! 

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