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Christmas is just around the corner and now is the perfect time to decorate and style your home for the holidays. If you aren’t very festive, why not try to beach up your home and incorporate the seaside into this year’s décor. Substitute tinsel for a garland of seashells, and coral in place of a floral arrangement. If you are using an ocean palette of blues and whites, create a Christmas feel by accenting with golds. Starfish are the perfect ornament in lieu of the traditional stars and naturally sparkle through. Use whitewashed linens for that crisp beach feeling and adorn your home with evergreen centrepieces and bleached driftwood.

For those who are a little creative, why not dabble in making some seaside themed baubles. Easy to make, this little Christmas bauble starts with a basic blue ball. Paint on bands of glue and pour beach sand onto the glue. Dab a bit of glue onto the small shells, press into sand around the middle band, and let dry. You can then hang these around the home, embracing the Christmas spirit.

A seaside wreath is also easy to create- Infuse a standard evergreen wreath with the trimmings of the sea. Think about pairing shells and small starfish with holly berries in a random pattern around the ring. Hot-glue in place and finish your creation with a pretty ribbon bow. Voila!

The possibilities are endless and you can dress your beach theme up as elaborately or tone it down as subtlety as you please. The best thing about a beach theme is that you can re-use it time and time again throughout the year- unlike traditional Christmas decorations that can only be used during those December months. So enjoy the holidays and have fun bringing the beach to you this season.

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